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Many times we are asked as Christians, “What do you Believe?”, given a situation either you or they maybe facing.  Sometimes even, it seems that our answers are arbitrary or random simply due to us, if for no reason other than, having not been faced with that particular situation before. We could say that our response to those situations is “conditional” based on circumstances and who is involved, another interesting thought on how we share things with others on our Belief’s.

Given a definition of “believe” as the following, how does it change the approach and answer when asked that question:

to trust, to place full confidence in, to rest upon with faith, yielding of ones will in humble reliance on the authority of hope

We as Christians are supposed to show our trust, display our confidence, rely upon our Faith and yield humbly upon the One Authority in which we have Hope, the One and Only Sovereign God. How are others seeing your and my Faith in Christ? Is is possible that they are seeing our Faith lived out as something like the following:

You’ll Believe It When You See It.” | vs | “You’ll See It When You Believe It.

This is where it becomes of the UTMOST importance to remember that the Holy Spirit has a work to do that we have no ability to accomplish inside of another person. We can show them in our lives how we have been gloriously changed, share with a person what made the difference in us and describe what we Believe. Faith is of Jesus Christ’s payment, which is for each person on their own, to place their Trust and Faith in for Salvation, and choose to Believe. It is a matter of Trust, not seeing.


One of the strongest pieces from this Series is the one that is highlighted this time instead of the very first one designed, Conquered.  The statement after the Series name of WILLYOUBELIEVE is the following:

Jesus Alone is Able to Remove Our Sin and Restore Us to God.

It is Jesus Alone Who has made that possible, for which NONE of us alive today were there to see Him be born, live, die on the cross and rise again.  He was able to Conquer an Enemy that we cannot on our own.

He Conquered the Enemy We cannot Conquer

The verse of Scripture that is used to show this is Revelation 1:18:

I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.
Revelation 1:18 | King James Version


Indeed, He is the Great I Am – that Liveth, for He did Die for our Sins and is Alive FOREVER, making it possible for us to be Born Again – those that choose to Believe.


There are fourteen (14) words in which we can draw specific items to remind ourselves as Christians or show others we are being a witness to of what we Believe.



Each of us have the opportunity to share what we Believe and the obligation to show others how they can come to Believe.  This Series is designed to give us an easy to share and show guide of what we Believe. I’ve been personally challenged by this Series through both discovery and study to better know what I Believe such that it shows through what I do, how I do it and that I am doing them.  Our walk will put proof to our talk every time – it is my desire for others to come to the Saving Knowledge of Christ because of living what I Believe and their wanting to have in them what allows me to do so! Others Destiny hangs in the balance of Eternity, will we be telling them about Heaven and Hell and what our Heavenly Father was willing to give to make it possible for us to be Saved?

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