En·cour·age | /enˈkərij,-ˈkə-rij/

  • give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).
  • to stimulate by guidance, approval, etc.
  • to inspire with courage

We want to introduce to everyone what is probably the most powerful feature of and one of the core technologies which powers this Encouragement Website.  Indeed, as the definitions state above, this site has been developed with each of those things in mind. The Master can and will do each of those things for us as well as others as we turn the pages of the Word of God to seek answers to our challenges and build a relationship with Him.  My words alone are nothing, at the most soothing for a fleeting moment, which cannot change a single thing.  Whereas when we share His Word – that can change lives for Eternity while making the impact they are allowed in a persons life for the part they are allowed – a difference is made that stands the test of time.

Where Can This e-Courage Be Accessed?

In addition to being able to “Send This Page To A Friend” which is located on most every page of all the various Series Websites within, nearly every image contained in each site has the e-Courage function.  For whatever site a person is visiting, the Prints page is the most likely place to begin – for each Series has at least that page.  All anyone will need to use this feature of course is access to the Internet, a personal e-mail address, the address of the person who they want to send the e-Courage Card to and something to say to them.  A full step-by-step guide will be presented in this same page.

A Different Kind of Encouragement

It has been brought to my attention that the Encouragement offered and delivered from is Biblically based, with very few opportunities for other kinds of possible Encouraging words from other sources.  Please understand that I am under the direct notion that the Bible is the Authority and Word of God, which has the Word of Wisdom, Help and Comfort well beyond anything my mind could begin to conjure up to offer another person as an Encouragement.  The original Comforter was promised in the Word of God as the Holy Spirit which takes residence in the Temple of the Living God – you and I who are Christians – who in turn can in utterance ask for things that our own selves cannot put into words to ask of God the Father.  Those are the Words of Encouragement this site endeavors to share.

How To Use The e-Courage System

It is pretty simple to do yourself!  AND remember that you can scroll to the bottom of this page to “Send This Page To A Friend” or “Print This Page”.  This tutorial walks through the process beginning at going to to choose a Series from the Current List of Sites through to Sending the card.

First Step | Go To

Open up whatever Internet browser is used for the Web, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera

Got to:


Second Step | Choose A Series

On the right hand side Menu System, go to “Current List of Sites” as shown in the following:


Click the “Current List of Sites” button.

The Current Site List page appears. Here one would choose whichever Series desired, but for this tutorial, scroll down to the S listing as shown in the following:


Find the Series Seeking To Be Revived |

Click the link to access the Series site.

Third Step | Go To The Prints Page

Once the Seeking To Be Revived Series site appears, look to the upper right hand corner to find the Menu as shown in the following:


Click on the “Prints” menu item as indicated.

Fourth Step | Find Image You Want To Send

The “Prints” page appears with a condensed menu at the top of all the images on the page, which are already linked to the coordinating e-Courage images.  This menu is shown at the top of the page in the following:


This Series has six (6) images.  For this tutorial, the sixth image, the Pink Painted Daylily will be used. An individual image may be selected from this condensed menu or the images may be accessed by scrolling down the page to preview a slightly larger Preview image, which also has a miniature which is e-Courage linked.  The inline miniature image is shown in the following:


Click on the “mini” Painted Pink Daylily to bring up the Post which gives an even larger Preview and access to the FotoMoto eCard system which is being used to power the e-Courage system for

Fifth Step | Access The e-Courage Tool

The “06 | Painted Asiatic Lily | 8×10” page will appear so the e-Courage system can be accessed as shown in the following:


Locate e-Courage at the bottom right hand corner, just below the image – Click.

Sixth Step | Fill In The Information

The FotoMoto Postcard Window will appear which looks like the following:


Notice the “stamp” is a part of the Pink Painted Daylily which indicates what image is being sent to the person receiving the eCard.

Seventh Step | Send the e-Courage/e-Card

Fill in Your Name, Your E-mail, The Recipients E-mail and Your Personal Message.

Locate and Click the Send e-Card Button.

When all is correct and the eCard has been sent, a message similar to the following will appear:


Click Close – Your e-Courage/eCard has now been sent!

Simple as that!  No cost, fast, simple Encouragement On Demand!

We hope that you will find the over 1,900 images with Scripture on majority of them, will be something that will become an Encouraging item for you and an Encouragement to others that you will seek to use!  It all begins with going to: |

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May We Encourage Everyone We Meet & Have Hymns and Songs Pouring From Our Lips!