Many times when a person sees an individual that has what is obviously a higher order talent, skill, or what no one would disagree as “gift” given by the Creator God – it gives us an amazing uplift to just be in the presence of it being used.  People don’t even have to be a Christian to appreciate and may even become entreated by themselves to stay right where they are, to witness it further.  It is simply easier to pick up on/support a true talent, skill or what the Christians refers to as a “gift” given a Child of God, by His Hand, than to respond likewise when a bad one is displayed.

Something that should be just as noticed, which sadly isn’t even amongst Christians, is when a talent, skill and/or gift given to an individual by our Heavenly Father is NOT utilized for His Glory. Too many times the reason which people give and, or use for not doing so, is because someone hurt them in some manner or way.  That hurt can come in various forms, as in verbal criticism, overlooking, confrontation, picking or shunning, just to name a few. A tragedy on so many levels takes place when a Christian makes the decision not to use those “gifts” because it hurts too much to do so.  This Series is all about that very thing and the writer of this Series knows all too well what is being shared here, because I am one of those persons, who has had all of those things done, by otherwise good intentioned people.

Everyone Loses

It is amazing to find so many mentions in the Bible, especially in the New Testament of which all passages of Scripture for this Series originate, about the challenges others had with the specific use of “gifts” in the church.  One of the specific reasons for that heightened awareness of the challenge is because the church of the Living Christ was brand new and conversions were happening at such a quick rate.  New churches were being established in every town, city, province and area of people that were from differing “walks of life” who held differing statuses in their communities and culture. Never before in the history of “religion” were such integration possible because of religious segregation if one will permit that to be used.  Therein lies the challenge we have been eluding to, people with gifts that may have been misunderstood or had not experienced before, were now possible by the people who were joined together to worship and serve.

Much like today, those that make up a church body are made up of people who have many talents and “gifts”, each having their own strengths and weaknesses, but collectively make the whole much stronger than the “sum” of it’s own parts.  Each of us as Christians have them, they are God given and ordained to be used to further His Kingdom – not for us to hoard them, letting them sit idle.  Even then though, we must remember, “we” is a collective group, made up of many members – not just one, two or a small collective who hold a form of power when banded together.

8x10 Landscape

You and I must remember that God the Father knows what He is doing and the Holy Spirit is a perfect director when we are placed in the center of God’s Will for our lives because the talent, skills and “gifts” will be applicable to where we are planted.  God the Father doesn’t give us those abilities, then just expect us to sit idle, doing nothing.  When we choose to not use them, the damage is by far more reaching than our own little sphere of decided influence.  Bro. Cary’s statement is a ringing statement – when we make the decision not to use those abilities, skills, talents and “gifts”, a shedding effect occurs – the blessings of using them stops, we receive no joy from having them and the impact of the local church is impeded by our choosing not to do so.  It is not just us that loses, our not using them can impact people around the globe that we may not even imagine might be benefiting from what we are doing in front of our faces.  It may start small, but the ricochet can be seen down the street, throughout the community and can in ways not even imagined become such an issue that it causes a divide in a local church body.


The “gift” challenges found in the nine (9) passages of Scripture used in this Series are simply amazing, with each one presenting an incredible look into how our individual walk, relationship with the King of Kings and use of those things that God the Father enables through the Holy Spirit.

Gift Challenges

One Body in Christ
Even So Minister the Same One to Another
According to the Proportion of Faith
That a Man Be Found Faithful
Then Shall Every Man Have Praise of God
Causeth Through Us Thanksgiving to God
Created Unto Good Works that We Walk in Them
Be a Kind of Firstfruits of His Creatures
Minister One to Another the Manifold Grace of God

People are going to be people – what a powerful statement that really is if we will consider it entirely.  This Series began with a simple statement, full of truth and a single passage of Scripture, becoming a Bible study that I personally needed very quickly, as it is something that every Christian needs to be aware of and work on continually.  Indeed these are exciting times for those that will choose for them to be, with a wanting to do well for our Lord in the air, such that in our wanting to please the Master – we will make stronger the fellowship of believers we call our home church by using those “gifts” we have been so richly blessed.

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