This specific Series has been in development on and off for several months as a “core” theme had become somewhat elusive it seemed as it was picked up, put down and tucked away time after time.  Having a desire to develop it once again in an effort to make it become a Series, several small steps needed to be trod which made finishing it SO much more rewarding.  Isn’t it interesting how frustrating something becomes when it is being struggled with, but when God the Father places it before us, all of a sudden the search that seemed so difficult and tedious becomes a labor of love and pleasurable learning?


The idea for this Encouragement Series came about from listening to the song by the same name, Written in Red, by George Jensen being performed/sang by Janet Paschal.  She also happens to be my favorite singer for this specific song.  Jotted down on a card, which is my normal starting process for any Series – yes a piece of paper, normally a 4×6 note card – the title “Written in Red – Jensen” to remind me of the date and title.

The choices of design needed to include elements presented in red, specifically the writing, to match the Series name. Finding a design to adapt and enhance with symbolism was not difficult at all, but then came the substance…  Couldn’t get solid footing on the Scripture wrapping for them – thus putting it down so it could be picked up and continued as to look at it differently.

Then Came The Blood

Consider looking with me at the first verse of this song:

In letters of crimson God wrote His love
On a hillside so long, long ago
For you and for me Jesus died
And love’s greatest story was told

From the first four letters comes a TRUTH that has changed the ages, “In letters of crimson…”  As the development of this Series was picked up again, the beautiful song performed by Janet once again was listened to fully several times till I began to sing it even without the on-line version of it playing.

It has been my habit for many years now to surround myself with good Gospel music to listen to whenever and wherever possible.  Whether that be at home, at the office, on the way to work, traveling – you name it, there is a MP3 player or CD player somewhere pouring forth praise for the Master and King of Kings.  Truly what we surround ourselves with will be the influence we are to others, poured out without us having to think about doing so.

As my mind churned more on the “Blood of Christ”, found a video with a very special ending by Gloria Gaither – it is truly what changed my whole thought process.  It is not Gloria that was important, it was what she was said that sparked in me research points.

As she shared her own personal testimony about being raised in a Preacher’s home, she stated that she “missed” the application of the Truth spoken of in the applying of the Blood of Jesus Christ to all in our lives.  Also shared is a fact shown time after time of past revivals over the past 400 years, they focused on the re-application of the Blood.

Furtherance With A Special Men’s Prayer Time

For more than four years now, our Saturday evening Men’s Prayer Time for the men of our church has been an extra special time taken out of the week to spend time with at least one other man praying for the concerns of our church and within our own families.

We have to make the effort to remember to “apply” the Blood of Jesus Christ to each and every situation in our lives – it is called purposing in our hearts, as in what Daniel did in Daniel 1:8:

“But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the portion of the king’s meat, nor with the wine which he drank: therefore he requested of the prince of the eunuchs that he might not defile himself.”
Daniel 1:8 | King James Version

This Series is provided as the reminder to each of us that EACH and EVERY thing that we do is something we should submit ourselves to the Creator God before doing.  When we “Apply” the Blood of Christ to each area of our lives, it will be checked first and then done, instead of the worldly manner of doing so – which is to do first then figure out how it applies later.

May each of us get the Truth of this Series “Written In Red”, for it is what will change our lives FOREVER!


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