A recent sermon challenging Christians about Contending for True Worship put a thought into motion for me and was a challenge in the message itself: Does what we call “Worship” today match up to how much was given to provide and make provision for worshiping, is it “Worth the Sacrifice?”  The two looking points that immediately came to mind are these:

Worth the Sacrifice &
Worthy of Worship

Worship is tied to Sacrifice, how much is God WORTH to you and me?  We have an order presented here which it would behoove us to take a LONG, HARD look at to make sure we understand the gravity of the weight being placed before us in understanding. It is as paramount that we understand it as Salvation itself, for here’s the reason why – without the Sacrifice of Christ’s Blood, none of our sins would be Paid for and there would be no need for Worship to take place.

What Worship Really Is

How much will you give of yourself for God the Father to have control over?  What are you and I willing to invest in the Relationship we have with our Creator? God gave His Son, He is ALL IN on His side of the equation. What or who are you and I bowing down to, even this very moment?

We have an opportunity to review, analyze and take inventory of our true devotion. Only the Lord and we ourselves can do that evaluation. Check to see if it was Worth the Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour for what we are doing for Him.


Is our dedication to Him truly an act of Sacrifice to and/or towards Him?  Could we gain knowledge of a few things along the way that will help us with this as we read God’s Word, Jesus’ accounts and the mighty men of valor that he used to impart His Word to us?  Certainly we can, for they are surely more than just these ten (10), but they can serve as a launching point to return us to where He is, such we might realize His GREAT Sacrifice for each of us.


Even in looking at the sampling of verses of Scripture used in this Series, ten (10) of the three hundred seventy-nine (379) reviewed directly, it is well more than you and I could ever exhaust Praising and Worshiping Him over, through and about.

Our Worship and Praise

the sacrifice of praise into the house of the LORD
love God with all thy heart… and love thy neighbor as thyself
present your bodies a living sacrifice
keep the feast with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth
offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ
call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised
Watch ye therefore, and pray always
walk worthy of God
Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain

For the world that we live in today, access to virtually anything that can be found, is right in front of us, delivered in a multitude of ways.  As times change, the more access we have it seems, quicker and more complete. Interestingly, people the world over have seemingly wanted to update, re-work, fancy up the concept of Worship – to make it more appealing for others to come to the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ, or is it? Have we forgotten, or never realized maybe, that prayer works the EXACT same way it did in the Old Testament, as with Jesus Christ Himself prayed in the New Testament and has no changes to its value today for you and me?  Sure, the concept of Sacrifice has changed, for Jesus Christ shed His Blood for ALL mankind – past, present and future, that work is done – but we sacrifice ourselves just as David did in the Old Testament and as Stephen did in the New Testament.  David was a King on Earth who sought forgiveness for a Nation, where Stephen was a Martyr who as he was being stoned to death asking forgiveness for those who ultimately would kill him. How is our Worship and Praise today? What does our Sacrifice mean to our Father, the Creator God, the Holy One?  We need to live in light of making sure that All that was Given through His Precious Son, Jesus Christ – was Worth the Sacrifice.

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