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So many things begin with a word, but our lives as Christians should begin with the Word – the Word of God, as referenced in this Series as “Wonderful Words of Life”.  A Dear Friend and Prayer Partner places various hymns and Christian songs on her Facebook nearly every day of her life. She loves music, loves the Lord and thankfully loves me too!  Living with the Living Word seems so foreign to people today – a lack of knowledge has led to a lack of concern, which appears on many accounts to have created a rejection to Christianity. The Wonderful Word of the Living God has lost the beauty it once had because people don’t see the Life it can give to those who will only Believe on the Saviour.

Believing the Words


Realizing we have to be careful with men’s words, this hymn simply refers to what the Word of God means and Who paid the price for it All. Do we take the Word that we read, contemplate, meditate over as being those that as the more we do so, they “teach us faith and duty?” There is verse one (1) in a nutshell.

NO matter what pit or miry clay we may have come from, which today we would probably say no matter our background or situation, Jesus is Calling to the sinner with the Gift of Salvation and New Life Forever. Will we stand in the way of someone listening for His call, or can we be a part of them being able to more clearly understand. There is verse two (2) in a nutshell.

Have we considered how simple and plain the Gospel message is to share?  It does not take some gifted orator, theologian or seasoned preacher to share the Gospel with an individual – all we have to do is tell them what Jesus has done for us. If we are in God’s Word at a steady rate, those verses will automatically come out of us when we talk about spiritual things – it becomes natural.  We each can share a FREE gift, right? There is verse three (3) in a nutshell.


As Christians we have new discoveries to make in God’s Word, Truth’s that will change our lives because of the Work that a Living Word will make inside of us as we grow our Relationship with our God and Lord. It is okay for us to tell Him how WONDERFUL He is, not because He needs to know it, but because we need to be as Christians better capable of being able to show it. I’m not certain that we will EVER know it all – simply because there is SO much that He is to us already, that we could make every waking moment discoveries of Who He is to us even now.


There are many words that could be used to describe God and His INCREDIBLE Nature – but we do not have the adequate words to do so.  The following is a list of Wonderful Words that are used in the Bible to teach us as Christians about Him. These are just the beginning of the Wonderful Words the Hymn starts us out thinking about – we have an entire Bible to discover for a lifetime.

Wonderful Words

Thou Canst Do Every Thing
Many Are Thy Wonderful Works
Gracious & Full of Compassion
Marvellous Are Thy Works
The Prince of Peace
Faithfulness and Truth
Wonderful in Counsel
The Spirit That Quickenth
Rejoice in Christ

What “words” have you and I spoken today? Plain and simple question that has a far reaching and impacting outcome. Bro. Bliss wrote the words to the Hymn which this Series is based upon so he would have a song to sing about the Wonderful Words he was able to read. Today, less and less of our culture thinks about “religious” things, so as Christians we may be the only “Word” produced item they get to really “see”. Do we see God’s Word as “beautiful” and “wonderful”, having “life” in them?  This Hymn is not just for the “non-Christian”, it is for Encouraging the Saints, providing an “up-lifting spirit” to those who may have temporarily lost their way or may be questioning a Faith which has grown foreign to them from years of neglect.  It may even be that this Hymn needs to be “seen” in each of our lives to reassure those that are in the trenches that there are Christians, like them, who are in the labor of the harvest. You’ll find that the Scripture that supports this Hymn are AMAZING and TRUE to the words He speaks about – Amazing how God shows up in His Work, isn’t it?  Share the Word that has been Given to us by the Very ONE that made us – for they are Wonderful Words of Life!

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