What is in a word? Or, two in this case. People in general may not see the link between the two of them, but looking at them through the lenses of the Bible, one can see clearly that they both are matched up to each other in a manner of speaking. True wisdom and understanding of things WELL beyond our ability to comprehend as Christians comes from our Heavenly Father, by way of the Holy Spirit.  Appropriate integrity will have us doing all that we do as if we are contemplating, doing and completing every task for our Lord and Saviour Himself.

Being Wise and Having Integrity

Being wise and having wisdom is SO much more than knowledge, but many think they are the pretty close to being the same thing.  Wisdom is “The right use or exercise of knowledge”, which we have to receive some training and guidance on the “best means to accomplish…” a task or process / thinking, which requires discernment. By learning to make wise choices with the conviction of the Holy Spirit, our decisions will be shown through and through with integrity.

Having integrity is likewise an equally difficult item to maintain and is often misunderstood, if not just plain flat out butchered because circumstances are allowed to change those items that are agreed to and what has been promised to be finished, achieved and completed.  The moral standards of times gone by are a rare thing to find in a person given the time and day in which we find ourselves.  We as Christians MUST remember that our Heavenly Father has NOT changed, nor has His mandate of keeping our word as He keeps His Word changed.  As we seek to be faithful to Him, the tenants of maintaining our integrity should grow and flourish even.

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We need to keep the line of communication open to the very Throne Room of Heaven, making sure that there is nothing that stands between us.  Every facet of our lives should be geared and honed to this process and continual growth of the Believer, such that both Wisdom and Integrity show through, as our relationship with the Lord reaches even further heights. When others see our willingness to do what we say we are going to do as Christians, we are a witness for the Lord and are giving them proof of His Power in our lives to make good and godly decisions that we can then carry out against any opposition.


This Series is one of learning to trust and being reminded of Who we are representing in our own lives. Knowledge is one thing, but understanding is an entirely different consideration and application, which for the Christian squarely rests in our Beliefs and Relationship with Jesus Christ. How strongly we rely upon those Beliefs and Relationship will show up in the level of Integrity others see in each one of us.

Actions to Consider

Wisdom | desire truth, fear, instruction, giving, understanding, reproof, cause, dwelling, lacking, peace
Integrity | w/o wickedness, void of vanity, righteousness, mercy & truth, trust, redeemed, blessed, guide, hearing, seeing

This Series is NOT intended to be a weight of burden, but rather a thought provoking reminder to each of us of how we interact with those around us and even more importantly, how our walk with the Lord is impacting the lives we live in front of this ever present world. We will make “wise” choices when we have sought after the “wisdom” to do so, which generally results in our wanting to respond, live and abide with integrity – such that there is no doubt we are a Child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Such a simple statement, “Wisdom is knowing the right path to take… Integrity is taking it.”, but one that is MUCH harder to walk than to talk.  I want others to CLEARLY see and EASILY hear my reliance on the God of All Creation to live my life, day by day, event by event, moment by moment… choosing each path with His Hand and taking each of them to the very end, whatever the cost…

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