WhyDoYouBelieveWhatYouBelieve_8x10L_v1_04-Logo200pFrom a Christian’s perspective, have an interesting question to pose in today’s world of ever changing answers, seriously… Why Do You Believe What You Believe? Am finding more and more people are so quick to say they believe “this” or “that” because “someone else says so”. Very few people have ever said to me “because the Bible says so” or “I believe that the Holy Spirit has convicted me” of this or that. A little more digging often yields a philosophy of doing what a parent, grandparent or close family friend has “always done it this way and I don’t see any need to change it”.

Looked at several books on the subject as this Series was being researched, which even further puzzled me. They were either so stiff as to not even present something spiritually possible or so lax as to define a system of beliefs from a worldly perspective which were even MORE crazy to the far LEFT of center. Then of course, THE BOOK was referenced unto the inside of It’s covers a LOOK, the answer was found in a most Encouraging manner.

What This Series is NOT

This Series is NOT a Theological debate or an Apologetics study, rather it is a presentation of Bible Scripture references to help each of us as Christians to have a number of reminders of “why” we believe what we believe. Each of us should have direct biblical knowledge of Scripture to answer not only those day to day challenges we are presented with from all directions, but also actual reference information that we go directly, to show others where we get it from as a matter of witness, as well as, confirmation.

Those “putting a finger on it” moments can be a very power motivator for sharing with someone our Faith in Christ. You and I can have a rock solid reason and reasoning for doing what we do for our Creator God, by example of our Lord Jesus Christ, displaying the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Temple which we are of the Living God.

Fifteen Scripture References

There is a primary image which shares “By Faith” and then an additional fourteen (14) supporting images with Scriptures to Encourage we as Christians to be able to share with others Why we Believe What we do! Those include:

  • By Beholding
  • By Being Written
  • By Confession
  • By Good Works
  • By Grace
  • By Hearing
  • By Heart
  • By His Name
  • By Love
  • By Mouth
  • By Preaching
  • By Righteousness
  • By Truth
  • By Witnesses

Let us each live in such a manner that each of these verses will be taken as the Gospel in our own lives and understood to be what are living out each and every day.

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