By Faith we can please Him and We are Witnesses of His Choosing...

By Faith... From a Christian’s perspective, have an interesting question to pose in today’s world of ever changing answers, seriously… Why Do You Believe What You Believe?

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You and I can have a rock solid reason and reasoning for doing what we do...

By Witnesses... Let us each live in such a manner that each of these verses will be taken as the Gospel in our own lives and understood to be what are living out each and every day.

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Sending an Encouraging Note to Someone Today! It is FREE and happens RIGHT from this SITE! Click on any thumbnail image on the Prints page to bring up the Gallery window, then click e-Courage. Then just enter the information, click Send eCard, your are DONE!
Seeing all the images which comprise this Series of Each of the fifteen (15) brilliant and colorful images boldly proclaim and present the Word of the Living God.
The On-Line Social Network in which to Encourage Others! With a constant stream of so many things passing before our lives, it sure is wonderful to have God's Word place before us daily.
The place where God’s Word REIGNS KING and the goal is to ENCOURAGE. By very simply doing what God the Father ask us to, we each can do our part to encourage another fellow Christian no matter the circumstance.