Oftentimes we can see in others from a time of difficulties the very human side of being, well, human.  There are those that think that after a person becomes a Christian all the problems, harbors and trials of the day-to-day life of living disappear for some reason.  Any person that can read this knows, life can be difficult at best for anyone – but “who says it has to be that way?”

Who Says

Fortunately, we have the Guide which has the answers and the Holy Spirit that helps us understand them as Christians.  There is a key to unlock that understanding element of the Word of God, one must know the Author personally and want the Relationship that He brings.  We do NOT have to understand everything that comes along in life, which is NOT to say we stop trying to understand, but rather that we have a mindset change – Trusting the Master.

Trust is built upon relationship, the more we know the Person of God, the more we will Trust Him. Sure the nagging questions will come, but when they do – we’ll have answers for them and there will be a well worn path to walk them out in our lives.  This Series presents a baker’s dozen (13) statements, which can be life declarations if we let them, for which there are SPECIFIC answers in God’s Word about how He says we need to take the “I” out of the telling and get our “eyes” on Him for the doing.  Every step presents us with a decision, where when we have the Relationship with our Lord and Saviour, those decisions become sought after for specific applications – then we can truly see God work in our lives in a most POWERFUL manner. He wants us to do it His way, not just “that way”.


Even in reading what we can do about those challenges that each of us is prone to think do not apply to us for some reason or another, our Heavenly Father, the Creator of ALL, will Faithfully pull us to His Word to answer our questions.  We must see it “His” Way if we are going to do the Work of God and win others to His Son, Jesus Christ.  In doing so, we need to address these statements ourselves, then prepare ourselves to help others find the answers in the Word of God with a powerful witness to them through our own lives as to the struggle and answers we have been so blessed to discover and have answered for us out of the Good Book.


Listed in the following set of bullets, are thirteen (13) statements that others can make, so can we actually, where we can KNOW how to respond to as “it is written” for all to read that will do so.  We do not have a corner on the Gospel message, nor do we on the many answers the Bible provides, all we have to have is “heart” knowledge to build upon.  This list may well be a good place to start with someone who has doubts that God the Father will Save them because of how they think, feel, act or have been in the past.

Statement Listing

  • I can’t figure it out.
  • I’m too tired.
  • It’s impossible.
  • Nobody loves me.
  • I can’t forgive myself.
  • It’s not worth it.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I’m not able.
  • I can’t go on.
  • I can’t do it.
  • I can’t manage.
  • I’m afraid.
  • I feel all alone.

The item that makes this Series so real to me is that these statements can be questions that we can see plainly in others as well as they can be of our own lives.  They are human responses, which provide a relation to reality in which we can relate and identify.  It is SO wonderful that our Saviour is willing to relate to our own human frailty and places where we can find ourselves, it makes Him REAL – because He has seen it for Himself as one who walked among us those some 2,000 years ago.  It is written, the answers supplied and He says that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Will we look for those that have these evidenced in their lives and point them to the One who has answered them already so that they might Believe on Him?  They are also reminders for those of us who already know Him personally, trusting Him for Salvation, that we have the answers in His Word.

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