This Series, like many others, began with just a couple of words, but what makes it a tad bit different is the timing of those words…  My first thought of hearing the verse which began the road to working on it actually came from over five years of meetings on Saturday night for a dedicated Men’s Prayer Time.  The verse is the same one that got the ball rolling then, Joshua 14:8 | KJV

Nevertheless my brethren that went up with me made the heart of the people melt: but I wholly followed the LORD.
Joshua 14:8 | King James Version

One of the noted items of mine became to be “Wholly Holy” as the Lord wanted each of us to be, by His Righteousness, Mercy and Forgiveness, made possible by His Redeeming Blood.  That has remained one of my top prayer requests made in the Throne Room of Heaven, because I want to be one who Wholly Follows the Lord!


Finding The Biblical Way

As that first verse (Joshua 14:8 | KJV) is the foundation verse of Scripture for this Series, it is appropriate to point out that it also has a help in it that is found by studying the surrounding passage thoroughly.  Didn’t really notice that the phrases were interchangeable when first pulling them together, but they are supportive of each other in either order.  All Scripture really does this for us, we just have to be willing to find the ribbon and follow it.


There are eight (8) verses used for this Series, which create eight (8) point and consideration phrases for us to take into, being pulled from both the Old Testament and New Testament.  Each of them speak of being “wholly” and “follow…” in several variations.

Point & Consideration Phrases

  1. Follow His Lead Completely –> No Matter The Crisis Or Challenge
  2. Faithfully Continue On –> Even When All Others Abandon You
  3. Be Preserved Blameless –> Looking Unto The Return Of The Lord
  4. In All Things Consider Others –> Each Of Us Have Gifts Given That Impact Others
  5. Respond To His Heartbeat –> Being A Witness Most Humble Requires Confidence In Him
  6. Be Kind In All That You Do –> Whether in the Beginning or Nearing an End, We Have an Obligation
  7. For In Him We Are Blessed –> Blessed Is He Who Follows Him
  8. Show Forth All His Majesty –> In Everything We Do For Him In This World

These discoveries are simply amazing and astounding finds which can make a major impact on our lives as we choose to apply them in such a manner.  May we stay committed to accomplishing what God the Father has for each of us to do and remember the life lessons that the Bible teaches us to consider all along the way!

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