It is bound to happen, the Grammar Police should be closing in on the title to this Series: Who is the Wise?  Even more looked upon should be the book of the Bible from which this Series was developed – on purpose all references come from Ecclesiastes 8, with no deviation.  The definitions developed for the six (6) words are targeted and come directly from this specific passage as well.

As it was being discovered for a potential Series some months ago, the starting words stood out immediately:

Who is as the wise man?

Some may think that the natural thought would be “Who is doing as this Wise Man?”  My challenge is shorter and MUCH more pointed – which is why there are definitions – our consideration of how we are actually being wise in this biblical sense. We MUST know Someone to be Spiritually Wise, for it is One of His Qualities – that Someone is our Heavenly Father and Creator God, made possible through Salvation, provided by His Son – Jesus Christ.

The Wise | What We Can Know

Wait, wait, wait a minute – isn’t this an Old Testament Book of the Bible?!  Matter of fact, YES it is.  And, what a Book it is!  This passage is exceptionally beautiful because of the spoken reflection that a “wise” man is of God’s reflection to those who are around this man.  Even when others don’t know God the Creator, they can “see” Him through the life, actions, spoken words, obedience and even unspoken words.  We can see the work of the Lord in and through others if we are willing to look for it – sometimes, we don’t even have to be looking, it is just that obvious.

Those “things” which were plainly seen then for a person to do right in this Old Testament time are as prominently seen today as the Christian has the Holy Spirit indwelling them. While good times are an indicator for the Holy Spirit to show through, it actually is all the more so during those times of duress where being Spirit controlled shows through even more abundantly.  Remaining in His Control is more noticed and actions under more scrutiny as people just seem to pay more attention when things are falling apart.


When we rely upon our Heavenly Father to place before us just what we need in order to accomplish whatever is before us at that time, we do not have to have the entire picture of anything, but will have the part of the puzzle that He has designed for us to have RIGHT then – Trusting Him, Knowing He will Provide.  In the event of our falter, we also know that He is there to Forgive and abundantly Provide Mercy and Grace.  Others can see that just as clearly as well…


The two lists that follow, give a preview of what this Series contains.  There are six (6) definitions and fifteen (15) passage headers given, each denoting a specific and unique take-away from this incredible chapter in the Bible. My hope is that each individual that happens upon this Series will be intrigued enough to read it and see  “Who is the Wise?”.

Who Is?

Definitions | Wisdom, Boldness, Oath, Discern, Vanity, Deliver

Passages | Wisdom and Boldness, Counsel Thee, Please Him, Word of a King, Keepeth the Heart, Who Can Tell?, No Man Hath Power, There is a Time, Done So in Vain, Sentencing Evil, His Days be Prolonged, Vanity Upon the Earth, Abide With Him, I Applied Mine Heart, All the Work of God

Many have said that the Bible is difficult to read and even more difficult to understand.  From differing views and vantage points, that can be understood, but – the Key is needed to unlock it for all of us.  This chapter, Ecclesiastes 8, is one that has a wealth of information in it for certain, but it has EVEN more than that – it has a story about life, including then, when Jesus would come and even now.  That key, see I didn’t forget, is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  As Christians, we already HAVE Him – we just need to learn to listen to Him.  NOTICE: I did NOT say “we need to learn how to use Him”.  One of the things that a person will see though this specific chapter of Ecclesiastes is the Holy Spirit in our lives – that is the WHOLE point for us looking at it in this Series.  We are forgiven Eternally as a Child of the King because we are SAVED as Christians. Read (or re-read) the chapter with this in mind – a whole new perspective should open up – people will see in you, what is REALLY in YOU.  Love the Lord?  Others will see Him in YOU!  Walk with Christ daily?  Others will see Him walking with YOU!  Whatever level of Relationship with Christ you have, others will SEE and be able to TELL what He means to YOU by what you DO!  He wants to be FIRST in every aspect of our lives, especially the ones where we are not sure what all is going on, but we are TRUSTING Him to Lead us through. I want that for me, how about you? Now, Who is the Wise?

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