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I’ve been waiting to work on this Series for several years!  Finally a nudge and an opening where it could be used has presented itself through a brother and sister – Kathy Henderson and Ricky Tippett.  The people involved goes much deeper and so do the events.  Actually Ms. Gwen Tippett, Bro. Ricky’s wife jogged it loose with the Series just completed and Ms. Kathy pulled it round for me to preview once again with a different title than I first supposed.  All in a Facebook post…


Who Is This King?

And, what is He King of?  Just Glory, that’s ALL.  That is what the Bible says He is King of…  Dr. Lockridge touched on seventy-three (73) statements that he could make about this King and asked five (5) questions to the listeners of a three minute, eighteen second discourse telling them “That’s My King!”  The questions he posed are these:

  1. I Wonder Do You Know Him?
  2. Do You Know Him?
  3. I Wonder If You Know Him Today?
  4. I Wonder If You Know Him?
  5. Do You Know Him?

Of course, it is realized that #2 and #5 are the same question by way of words, but they were presented at VERY different times during his discourse.  The “running dialogue” is shared on the Series page of this Series.  He was VERY plain in his presentation of his King and had a VERY convicting placement for all five of his questions, along with the Declaration of Who His King IS!

Do You Know Him?

Without question, this Series is pointed and powerful, to the Christian and the Unbeliever – because they are things we can verify.  Each of the statements of what He Is can be found in Scripture and in Historical accounts, which are to this day becoming more sound, more proven and more real – even to a ever increasing pagan world. It is speaking of what resides inside the Christian in the residence of the Holy Spirit, which will shout that last statement of Dr. Lockridge’s, building up in a testament of Who this King is:

That’s My King, That’s My King, That’s My King!!!


Eleven (11) statements and questions are used to split this discourse into sections which we can see divides and make us every MORE aware of just Who He IS…

Statements and Questions

  1. My King is the King of the Jews
  2. I Wonder Do You Know Him?
  3. Do You Know Him?
  4. I Wonder If You Know Him Today?
  5. Wonder If You Know Him Today?
  6. He’s the Key to Knowledge
  7. Well… Do You Know Him?
  8. I Wish I Could Describe Him to You
  9. Well… You Can’t…
  10. Well… They Couldn’t…
  11. Yes… That’s My King

If we would present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a manner that others could and would see this King in and through our lives, the world would be a DIFFERENT place!  Well, let’s get STARTED – tag, YOU are IT!

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