In some form or fashion the three words that make up this Series have been seen over and again in places both Sacred and Secular alike.  For the Christian though, our lives must be looked at and seen through the eyes of time into Eternity because the decisions we make have an Eternal impact on us and in the lives of others around us.  Those three words are these:

  1. Rumor – is what people say you are.
  2. Reputation – is who people think you are.
  3. Character – is who you really are when no one is around.


Formulating A Plan

As my notes were collected, a friend happened to post a few of her personal responses on-line concerning a “paper” she was reading about the very topic with a few notes.  As a little more research revealed, it became evident that the she was reading and responding to excerpts from a book published by a well know conflict-resolution consulting firm that is familiar to me due to the large part of my career being heavily involved in human dynamics.  With just a tad more digging, it was discovered that my personal library has an earlier edition of the very book being read – how could this be reoriented to looking in the Word of God was the mission.

Simply – it was not difficult at all and what was discovered even surprised me – the Bible helps us with all three areas/words! It took some digging over two days to get into the meat of it, but just as plain as day, this “little” Series has become one, that although small in stature, is mighty on delivery. Each of them were streamlined into a statement and two verses were found to correlate them to how we relate to them in today’s real world.

The first word in the Series is “rumor”.  The KJV spelling of the word is “rumour”, meaning “a current story passing from one person to another without any known authority for the truth of it”.  There is SO much more to conveying information from one person to the next that has nothing to to per se with verbal communication – the sounds and inflections made in speech when the words are spoken.  That most likely is our “definition” of rumor for most folks – something being told, where no one really knows of the accuracy or authenticity of the message being delivered.

Surprisingly, each word – rumor, reputation & character – is found in God’s Word, each with an amazing application – of GOOD.


In each instance, a word that can be seen as a negative or clouded manner, also proved to be from the Bible Scriptures to be shown to be powerful, used by God the Father to convince His children to obey and see the Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World.  While the world has fed all of us at some level a load of unrest, daunting situations to deal with and increasingly corrosive manners in which to tear others down, we can find TRUTH in each of these three words which is a blessing to know and a game changer on the world’s idea of turning over good people to bad things.

Each of these three words builds upon finding specific items in God’s Word to build a set of prints to Encourage all who will read them.

Rumor | Reputation | Character


  • Among Us
  • Must Needs Be


  • Of A Servant
  • Think On These Things


  • A Willing Mind
  • Understanding

By having these words revealed to us, we each can see what the God of All Creation had in mind (that word is used on purpose) for us in covering His being with us, our being servants and seeking His Will for our lives.  As we do each of those things, we not only draw closer to our Lord, but we reflect Him and build a foundation relationship that is evident to everyone.  These areas build relationships with others also, not only as we think about things, but as we are doing them as unto Him – representation at its highest form.

What are people saying about your and my walk with the Lord?  Who do others think we are serving in our ministering? Is it obviously evident that we have a daily walk with our Saviour?  These are the things we should desire to be abundantly clear – trust me, from personal experience, even the most worldly can tell the difference and they ARE looking.

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