A really DEAR friend to me and my family, who ALSO happens to be a Nutcase, asked me to make this “list of things” she had into something that she would be able to print 2 on a page, then cut it down the middle to make two slips for sending out in confirmation/followup packages she sends to new converts.  Remember thinking to myself, just how hard could this be?  It didn’t take but a few “moments” to make a discovery of something unseen into something which could have gone “un-seen”.  Now with that said, you’ll see the reward of it in the pages of this Website – Who I Am In Christ

A Concept of Something

Given that the list had been carried around before and had been lost, tried harder to keep up with it this time!  So, what we have here is a sheet – stark black and white – that has a question that each of us should ask ourselves not only daily, but in each and everything we do.  Most folks would say “Who Am I…”, but this is not the intent or case with this – this is referring to a “statement” not a question – showing forth for all to see, just who you are.  Three statements are presented in this work, which follow:

  • I Am Accepted in Christ
  • I Am Secure in Christ
  • I Am Significant in Christ

Am not sure, nor certain who started this list, but there are eleven (11) verses in each heading that will help us understand how and why those statements are Truths we can count on in our lives, no matter where we find ourselves.  The presentation of these focus on “I”, where we in a world are so consumed with “me, my, mine, I” in so many areas – where this set differs because of the Person who makes it TRUE.

What Can Be Found On This Site

There are 33 main Scripture prints, the Half-Sheet of all the Scripture references and statements, as well as a creatively colored set of backs created for this series.  Colors range from stark Black and White, to Purple and Gold (Royal Colors and of course my Alma Mater’s colors) and a deep Red and Gold.

It is my prayer that we each make the choice today to Encourage the Brethren (our Brother’s and Sister’s in Christ) as well as be a Witness in a world filled with darkness, hopelessness and despair.  Each of us need to know we are Accepted, Secure and Significant to Someone – who we know as Christians to be the Master, Father, King, Lord, Saviour, Friend…



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