This Series is one where a whole different focus is placed on just who we are as Christians from a Bible perspective.  Part of the focus is what we are able to do because we are each as Christians, God’s Child. Another, is what we are because of Who God is. Yet another, is what God is to us because of what He has already done for each of us.  We get to boldly proclaim all of these things, but there is something we have to be… identified with Him.


This Series is NOTHING short of amazing, full of promises and provides for every Christian a display of Hope, Promise and Living Testimony of the Goodness the Lord Provides for each of His own.  The statements that begin with “I can…” are so, why?  Because Christ did them first, we have the opportunity to do as He has shown each of us to do – learn by example, the very BEST teacher.  Each of the other statements, e.g. “I am…”, “I have…”, etc. follow the same pattern, we can do those things as born again Believers because we are shown how to do so by the Master Teacher, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


The challenge of identification is actually within each of us, the Holy Spirit will prompt them in each of us.  Just as no one had to teach us as children how to lie, once we are Saved and on our way to Heaven, the Holy Spirit provides an “unseen” hand that has more far reaching impact that we can even begin to comprehend.  It is what allows for us as Believers to unlock the Truths of the Bible, the translation key of sorts it could be called. Without Him, the Word remains a mystery.


This Series is an uplifting set of Scripture, intended to be a Celebration of who we are and who God will help us be if we will just allow Him.  There are thirty-seven (37) prints to remind us of of a small subset of all the good things He has for us in His vast Word that we have the opportunity to hold in our hands, hide in our hearts and have upon our lips as often as we will.

Who Am I ? | Words to Make Into Statements

Faithful, Friend, Member, Established, Anointed, Sealed, Confident
Spirit of Power, Love & Discipline, Grace, Forgiven, Purpose, Hope
Chosen, Workmanship, Peace, Dwelling of Holy Spirit, God’s Power
Freedom & Confidence, Humble, Gentle, Patience, Lovingly Tolerant
Forgiving, Thankful, Dead to Sin, Not Alone, Prayed For, United, Blameless
Set Free, More than a Conqueror, Safe, Part of Kingdom, Not Condemned
Not Helpless, Protected, New Creation, Delivered, Victorious

Who will you and I choose to be today?  It is more important today than we may realize and far more impacting for Eternal things than we may have considered.  We live in a day where folks look to society to see what they need to be “like”, who they need to “mimic” and what they think they should be “doing” in their own lives and those in their care.  There in holds the challenge that we face today, in many ways unlike any other time in history…  We have the means to tell the world about our Magnificent Saviour, but we find it difficult to deliver that message to our next door neighbor in many cases.  Worse than even that, He isn’t even talked about in own homes like He should be – how can He be, if He isn’t invited. Choose this day to know “Who” you are Christian – there are folks in this wicked world who NEED us to show them JESUS – from within, from above, to them personally – so they can know all of these things and SO much more!

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