Sometimes when we as Christians attempt to ask a question on one topic or another, a different question and thought process emerges from that thought process. This is surely true for this Series, as it has almost no bearing or resemblance to what it started out as initially. It all started with a preview of a documentary of sorts for a new movie which was created from a biblical story.

Capturing My Attention

The words located inside a verse which pose a question struck me during this thirty (30) plus minute review/ad, which is in II Peter 3 | KJV.

And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
II Peter 3:4 | King James Version

The question is presented in the middle of a set of starting verses to call into remembrance the Great Flood in the days of Noah and making short notice of the end times of the final days that are yet to come.  My attention was drawn to three phrases in the verse:

  • Where is the promise of his coming?
  • all things continue
  • of the creation

As we and the world look for that “Promise” to be fulfilled, we are reminded that all other events will continue for those things “of the creation” which the God the Father created individually and collectively.  We might say that “life marches on” as we draw closer and move towards that next promised return Jesus Christ, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Nothing has stopped happening because it is coming, all is marching forward at the speed of life, to face that terrible day.

Shorten The Question

Just as quickly as the question was noticed, a shortened version of it grabbed my attention:

Where is the Promise?

Flooding my mind were questions that have been asked, especially in particularly tough circumstances and events, “Where is God…” when something bad happens.  “Where is your Jesus…” now that this or that has been allowed to occur or take place.  The statements, angry accusations and hurting cries come pouring from people in agony and wonder when bad things happen to otherwise good people.  And what words they can speak, Bible they can quote and provoking thoughts they have in those situations, posing VERY probing questions which seem to have no answer in that moment of time and hurt.

We as Christians have the Promise of His Coming, but have one item right now that allows us to walk through today into tomorrow – the Holy Spirit.  That Peace is given us by the God of all Creation with our accepting Jesus as our Saviour, repenting of our sins and taking Him in as our Lord.  That Promise, the Comforter, is inside of each Christian, which allows us to continue in Faith till He comes.


These questions all have answers, we have to be willing to find them, not as a game of hid and seek, but rather as a matter of trust and obeying the Scriptures.  We, of ourselves, are capable of little or nothing, so we would do well to ask ourselves the question and seek the answers from God’s Word.  A portion of this understanding is presented to us in four, incredibly packed verses, which pose the question and explain to the early church how they could know then that the Promise was real and would come to pass in a future time period.

The Promise Question & Reminders

  1. Where Is The Promise?
  2. Promise of His Coming
  3. Beloved By Way of Remembrance
  4. Spoken Commandment
  5. First Knowing

We have the benefit of being able to have the completed Word of God in our hands, the Bible, the Scripture of the Ages.  Having a copy in our own language where each person can discover, just as I did with a small sentence of captivating knowledge, answers all the way to the end of our Earthly time table.  The Promise of His coming gives us an opportunity to gauge what we should be doing, where we should be going and how we are to be spending our life moments in time.  Should someone ask you “Where is the Promise?“, do you have an answer? Each of us should…

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