Encouragements By His Word Series


When is the last time that you personally have been so moved by a Truth that is worked you over so thoroughly that all that was known to do is to call out to the Heavenly Father, the Creator of Everything, to say Thank You?  I’m not talking about getting up and jumping around, but rather directly the opposite of it – in the manner of realizing a little more just Who God the Father is and how MUCH He loves you and me.  This is the outpouring of one of those moments.

Let Us Pray!

Those three words, Let Us Pray, were repeated in a request of a dear friend in a Social Media realm where a song was posted and a challenge issued to listen to it.  So, I did. And again. And again. And again – many more times,  to grab the words of the song.

The second item in that request was to “ask yourself” the following question:

Is there someone you know that needs to come back to the Lord, or has never known the Lord as Savior?

A clear challenge was presented to “Let Us Pray for those precious souls!”  In just the next sentence, the declaration of “It worked for me!” is made, then a repeat of the challenge to us, “Let Us Pray!”.

Those words and the words of the song, stirred me up on the inside, which immediately translated to this Series beginning after the following statement was posted in response:

No Matter, He Will! Not only Pray, but also Love them the way our Lord Loves Us… It takes a willingness to get out of our personal space and make the steps into the lives of others, otherwise they may never understand that He WILL run to them – as He has us already. YES – Let US Pray and Let US Love them to the Lord Jesus, for we know His LOVE for Us and THEM!!! Oh to hear the Lord call us Son & Daughter and say “I LOVE YOU!”. We may be the ONLY one that Prays for them and and the only one who will Love them to the Lovely Saviour – Jesus Christ! It has worked for me too – Let us Pray and Love them!

With every fiber in us, we need to recall our own Damascus Road experience – that experience is the beginning of our Testimony – which can be shared with others, telling them of what the Saviour has done for us.  In addition to that, we may very well be used of God to share our own difficulties with another person so that they might see that God the Father’s arms are wide open. This kind of commitment will take time, prayer and work, which we are given all the power we need to point them at Him.


The Song

The Song’s name is “When God Ran” which was written by Benny Hester & John Parenti and then recorded by Benny Hester a number of years ago.  To suit personal likes, preferences and given standards, the musicians who sang/performed the version that was recommended and directly linked, will not be linked here.  There are several artists who have recorded this song, so a search on YouTube.com should provide a variety of choices which may suit each person’s interests.


There are twelve identifiable descriptions used in this Series taken directly from the lyrics of When God Ran.

Identifiable Descriptions

  1. Almighty
  2. The Great I Am
  3. Immovable Rock
  4. Powerful
  5. Awesome Lord
  6. Victorious
  7. King of Kings
  8. Conqueror
  9. Holy One
  10. Righteous
  11. Forgiveness
  12. His Voice

These twelve (12) descriptions have been translated into prints and are by no means an exhaustive list.  They do, however, cover the majority of the items discussed in the lyrics of the song.  As you take the time to look them over and maybe hear a group or person sing this wonderful song, do consider getting out of our comfort zones so we can care about and attend to those that are around us who may be hurting. Many will not know that God is JUST waiting for them to turn to Him and others may have gotten lost along their way and need to be reassured that our Creator and Saviour has in no way loved them any less because of what they’ve done.  They too can look once again to the Cross and know they can be forgiven, they just may need a little help from me and you, by an outstretched hand who has prayed for this time to happen… to see them whole, once again.

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