This Series will most likely strike a cord with most people because it is something that each of us has had to go through at one time or another – a personal storm.  Some may call it a personal “trial” or “situation” or could be referred to as a “season” of life when spoken of as a longer period of time or maybe experiencing an illness or disease.  This Series has been developed from a Revival Service at our home church from a first of the year kick start thought of “Start Off Right Revival Sunday Nights” for the month of January.  This particular kick-start has to do with the very subject of “When Facing Storms” in our lives, seeing what God’s Word has to say about the matter and how we can make application in our lives today, just as they did way back when it was first written.

Starting Off Right

It has been said that the success or failure of a mission or project can be determined by an experienced leader before the first step, action or idea has ever been put into motion.  Most of the time that leader has had a great deal of experience at working through the set of problems, challenges or tasks that are placed before them in which to pull from – a knowledge-base of sorts.  Not always does this have to be the case though, we as Christians do not have to be the leader in those situations by ourselves, that is because we have One Supreme Father God who will guide us, if we are willing to be led.

God’s Word has nearly endless applications which provide us with the stability and knowledge we need as we rely on Him to led, guide and direct us.  By our willingness to keep ourselves immersed in the Word of God, it becomes more and abundantly clear that we will find directions to the challenges where we find ourselves should we stay the course and faithfully place ourselves honestly before Him. We can see it coming, if we have the right eyesight:

“Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup. For the righteous LORD loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright. ”
Psalm 11:6-7 | King James Version


No where in God’s Holy Word will it be found that Christian’s will have endless piece, perfect harmony and live prefect/sinless lives after we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour.  But what we do have are the promises that He loves us, will protect us and will never leave, nor forsake us as His children.  This Series is about that very thing – where we will find ourselves in the storm we call life and where we can find Him, which is NOT far away.  What we feed into our minds is what will so easily pour out – those cascades of words should be of love and concern, not matter where we find ourselves.


This Series is comprised of several pieces which can all be thought of as Storm Reminders, for that is truly what they are.  These Reminders are presented in the form of Definitions, Phrases, Prints and a single Hymn, all of which encompass the concept of Refuge and Safety – two things all of us desire in a Storm.

Storm Reminders

Definitions | Refuge and Safety

Phrases | Sometimes, Usually, You’ll and When

Prints | See It Coming, See the Warning Signs, Smell the Rain, Prepare for It, Times of Darkness, It Works at Night, Toughest Time to Trust. Continue to Trust, Talk to God, Stay Close to God, Learn from Mistakes, Don’t be Afraid, Take Courage, Daylight Will Come, He Will Bring Us Through and Don’t Dwell There

Hymn | Under His Wings

Each of us face Storms in our lives which will encompass various parts past, present and future lives.  Some of them will be more emotional than others.  Others will be more physical in nature than others.  Still, yet there will be some that test our Faith to limits we previously thought was impossible.  Given all that, we must remember this, EVERY one of them is a Spiritual Storm – our dependence on our Faith will be greatest work of all.  How would I know this?  Simple, I’ve just come through one of those storms in my life – one that has many pieces, involves a number of people, with outcomes that will show through as pure as I want it to show.  Each of those Storm Reminders have been lived through and will continue for some time further and will serve as a reminder to me that my dependence on my Lord and Saviour reigns Supreme – all else is of no value to Him.  What kind of Storm are you experiencing today?  Do some of these Reminders remind you of things you are currently living within?  Who will you run to for help?  There is a Refuge and Safety provided for every Christian – Under His Wings – a special place with an abundance of Grace. Who is He? Jesus.

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