This Series came into being at JUST the right time – once again God the Father showed up in the MOST wonderful of ways – a time to witness, share His Glory, Mercy and Love and for Him to show me He is in control.  A dear friend, who is a Christian and a co-worker, has been in a VERY difficult position with the passing of her mother just before Christmas, an uncle just in the past week and the completely unexpected passing of a lifelong friend of her mothers just days ago. A series of mistiming and busyness has created an even more difficult handling of these deaths of just plain misses in being able to talk with these individuals not made, which has the heartache set way too high for comfort at any level – rather misses are the only recall that remains…

Through all of this struggle and difficult time, I’ve reassured, shared and tried to make sure to point ONLY to the Lord and the arms of the Comforter we have given us as Christians of the Holy Spirit.  Words offered at just the right time – all promptings – to get UP and GO right then to keep from missing the opportunity given. A couple were phone calls at odd times, others were texts that were directed as clear as anything that can be recalled and a few just stopping what was being done and being available to listen – all surrounded by the Word of God in my office. Incredibly – each was delivered at the time exactly as God had intended – which still makes my knees weak and me tremble a bit at the working of it all – He did it, I just listened.

Having A Place To Run To

Interestingly enough, as this is being typed a consideration comes to mind – I do NOT have to run to READ His Word, my office is completely wrapped up in it.  At work, my office is filled with artwork created from nearly 140 Series worth of items created for – some are complete sets, while others are single pieces chosen from the particular Series being represented.  The rules for my office in a secular workplace are two fold – the door remains open and when you enter into my office, Spiritual matters are a two way street.

It has dawned on me, of course, that years ago when the first pieces were hung up, that it would be very evident who occupied the office as folks would be entering as they arrive there. A very purposed action was put into my workplace which remains now some fourteen (14) years later, as has been evidenced by the many folks who have come to see what has been added and share here and there about what is going on with them – which turns into prayer requests and concerns being shared.  The question comes in this form though – do, or rather, will others think of coming to you when they have a crisis arise in their lives because they KNOW you KNOW the God of all Creation?  If so, will you ALWAYS point them to HIM?


Pointing To Him

Long ago something was learned about pointing to myself – remove the I’s in everything possible – because when you introduce “I” in the equation it only spells “trouble”, which of course it is realized doesn’t have an “I” in it.  When a crisis arises, our natural tendency as human beings is turn to ourselves or to run to a “person” who may have a perceived “answer” to the challenge.  But we have to keep in mind that the first place we should turn is to God the Father, it doesn’t matter where we find ourselves!  Others will be able to tell Who our Crisis Management Team are – seeking our Saviour, accepting the Holy Spirit’s Comfort and our turning to God’s Word for His Direction.

When we do those things, others will see that and want what we have – we’ll never be perfect in our delivery or acceptance of it, but people can see how God the Father works through us in those circumstances.  There is NO way I could have known what response would come back today as this Series was finished and an e-mail would be replied to me with confirmation of a “perfectly timed delivery” of God’s Word – that was followed through in a manner that cannot be explained in any other way but Providence.  A “Thank You, Thank You…” with the stating that exact verse of Scripture was used and a “how could you have known…” brought tears to my eyes and heart as Melissa and I read it this afternoon.  That is ONLY possible because we RUN to HIM, whether it be our Crisis or someone else’s on their behalf…


This Series contains ten (10) directives that can be directly tied to Scripture for what can be done when a Crisis strikes in our lives or in the lives of others that we have the opportunity to be a witness.

When Facing A Crisis Directives

  1. Run to God
  2. Choose to Believe God
  3. Remember God Knows Our Trials
  4. Understand God’s Grace is Sufficient
  5. Claim God’s Promises
  6. Realize God Is In The Situation
  7. Believe It Will Not Last Forever
  8. Pray For God’s Mind
  9. Look At How This Could Help Others
  10. Be A Child Of The King In Everything

We are promised and guided in these ten (10) things about what can be done when a crisis strikes in our lives, no matter the size, direction it comes in or how it may arrive – He is ALWAYS God and there for each of us!


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