An INCREDIBLE opportunity to focus on our Heavenly Father is found in this Series which is built upon an incredible fourteen (14) passages of Scripture and bold, beautiful photos of His creation.  Each of the passages have personal application in a major way for me personally, my hope is that they will have a similar impact on each person who comes upon this Series.

This set started with notes from here and yonder, but were brought together in a manner SO clear presented as a “side item” in a recent Sunday School lesson.  If you don’t attend a Sunday School class in your overall church experience, Encouragements like this Series may be passing you by without you even realizing it!

His Voice

Obeying His Voice does require that we know what His Voice sounds like and that we recognize it when we hear Him Speak.  The Holy Spirit, which is in full residence in EVERY born again Christian, is the translator of His Word inside of us. Each of us MUST learn to Trust Him (Proverbs 3:5) and understand that we will Know Him (John 10:27-28) by His Voice.  We will not understand His Ways (Isaiah 55:8-9), but we can seek Him and He will add (Matthew 6:33) to us all those things He wants us to and He is our Friend (John 15:15) always.


Our Lord does Care (I Peter 5:7) for us and about us, we just have to be willing to Listen for and to Him.


The following list of fourteen (14)  areas which we can focus on will give us a solid manner in which we know we are following Him and He is with us.

Focusing On His Voice

  1. Obey
  2. Gentleness
  3. Still
  4. Quietness
  5. Wait
  6. Friends
  7. Trust
  8. Added
  9. Life
  10. Ways
  11. Care
  12. Difference
  13. Know
  14. Forgive

While these are just a handful of focusing areas, they do form a basis for us to understand that if we will Obey Him, He Will Forgive us.  Is there someone today that needs to hear His Voice that you and I could introduce to the Lovely Lord Jesus?  Is it possible that we need to know and show that we are the ones who are willing to make a Difference (Jude 1:22) to those around us?  Will you walk with me, sharing the Word we know that others might have Life (John 6:63) no matter what, even if we are just drawing close to a person – being Quiet (Isaiah 32:17) in their most difficult time?  What Voice Do You Hear, indeed…

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