Oh how many times as Christians do we in a moments notice or at the turn of an event come all too quickly to a conclusion of “I’m” followed by something to bolster or prop up an insecurity like… “Not Able…”.  These can be discouraging times, but we need to be reminded and Encouraged by being able to recall the God of Creation’s thought on the matter, not our opinion.  We are yet to rely on Him by leaning on Him and His Word.  This Series demonstrates just that for each of us.


The Scriptures, His Authority to us in written form, are filled with conclusion changers as we purposely focus on “What God Says” on the matters on and surrounding our lives. These of course are not an exhaustive list by any stretch, but are a core set that provide the security we need in order to know on the short that we go specifically to the Word and find helps for any challenge we face.


This Series focuses on thirteen (13) of these, which can – if we will allow the Holy Spirit to change us on the inside – re-orient our very responses to the things, words, situations we face at any given time. Hiding God’s Word in our hearts allows us the benefit of having the recall of them not only in times of our deepest need, bu more importantly allows us to focus on His Provision for us, always.

Complete Set

  • 01 | I Will Direct Your Steps
  • 02 | I Will Give You Rest
  • 03 | All Things Are Possible
  • 04 | I Love You
  • 05 | I Forgive You
  • 06 | It Will Be Worth It
  • 07 | I Will Give You Wisdom
  • 08 | I Am Able
  • 09 | My Grace Is Sufficient
  • 10 | You Can Do All Things
  • 11 | I Will Supply All Your Needs
  • 12 | I Have Not Given You Fear
  • 13 | I Will Never Leave You

This Series is actually made up of two sets of the same design presentation, the first is a graphic presentation and the second is photo based utilizing an incredible set of Hydrangeas from a photo shoot in 2013.  Two ways to Encourage others to seek the Ultimate Encourager’s, our Lord Jesus and God’s Word, by learning these ourselves and sharing them with others so they might know also.


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