As with many of the items that we see and phrases that we hear, some are destined to become ones which register in our minds as making sense and are applied to what we do.  Life is made up of the decisions and choices that we make, which each and everyone of them have consequences that last more than just a lifetime.  We have the responsibility to choose wisely, which has to involve God’s Word for the consequences to be good ones and the impact thereof fruitful.

The orchid’s in the photo are a stunning set taken in Brooklyn, New York a few years back as we made a very special trip.  The International Orchid Festival is an amazing event where orchids from around the world are brought in to create this special display which is attended by people from all around the planet.  People know that they are going to see many varieties of commonly available orchids all the way to extremely rare species, which they may never get to see again, creating a once in a lifetime opportunity for many who attend.

Being in a world of very diverse people groups, we tend to call a large group of people living in a single area from various backgrounds, a melting pot of cultures.  These orchids stood out to me as there were hundreds of them on each stem, with a captivating color and tones throughout.  That same kind of difference should be seen in us wherever we find ourselves.

The choice to Serve the Lord is one we make daily, whereas most folks think you make that one decision the try to live it out in a daily life.  We choose to go to work, visit folks, witness for the Master, have a Christian testimony – all on a daily basis.  If you are honest and think about it a moment, those can be decisions that are made moment-by-moment.  Will you choose to Serve the LORD?  Are you willing to declare that your house will Serve the LORD?  Will YOU choose this day WHOM ye will SERVE?  We need to be reminded of a very pointed verse from Scripture:

“Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 | King James Version

How Do We Serve

Each of the seven (7) prints give us a glimpse of how we should be doing things in our lives:

  • Serve With Gladness
  • Do It Heartily
  • Then Serve The LORD
  • Serve Knowing Your Are Blessed
  • Walk In All His Ways
  • We Will Serve The LORD
  • Serve The LORD Your God

May we understand, He is the Master and we are the followers…


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