If there has ever been a passage of Scripture that captures the very essence of the turmoil that can occur in a Christian’s life, this one is it!  The entire chapter of Psalm 31 | KJV embodies a life choice, one made that says to not only the person speaking it, but to all that witness it, to depend on the provision of Almighty God.  No matter what has come, is coming or will come in their lives, it is a passage all about Hope.

There will be a great number of people who read this Series that will know the incredible and humble Mom of six, who for the last year has had the most INCREDIBLE testimony in and through the loss of her husband due to a tragic accident.  Up to this point and publishing of this Series, she has NO idea it has been published or the impact she has made on, in and through our family. A verse she says has been important to her is:

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy: for thou hast considered my trouble; thou hast known my soul in adversities…
Psalm 31:7 | King James Version

Leslie Deatherage has shown us through her life and the lives of her children, Salvation lived out in a nut shell.  She shared her testimony with a ladies group at a local church in the Raleigh area recently, which has most definitely blessed the lives of EVERY person who has had the opportunity to listen in and gain more understanding of her incredible story.  This Series is dedicated to Ms. Leslie, truly a godly woman who has demonstrated the placement of her Faith and Trust in her Saviour, Lord and Creator.

Choosing To Trust

In the mind of everyone who lives and breathes, there is the universal concept of Trust – we can place trust in so many things and demonstrate that trust in various ways.  The most important area of Trust for us is of course Eternal, placing Faith in the Son of the Living God for Salvation.  Living it out is a WHOLE ‘nother matter though.

We can clearly see the Trust that a child has for a parent when that parent asks the child to do something they have never done before, which steps them out of their realm of understanding or even comprehension.  “I’ll catch you” is one of those phrases most people can identify with, as might be “Just trust me…” issued by someone they’ve placed great FAITH.  Trust and Faith go hand in hand.  If we have Faith, then we should Trust – it is a choice each of us make each and every day of our lives.


This ONE Psalm is an Incredible reminder to each of us as Christians, not only that we can Trust Him, but that we WILL determine the keep Choosing Him.


The following twelve (12) words describe what God the Creator will do for us as we learn to Trust Him more.

How Can We Choose To Trust

Deliver | Strength | Rejoice | Mercy | Vessel | Shine
Called | Silence | Goodness | Kindness | Faithful | Courage

It doesn’t take a tragedy or great loss for us to make the decision to Trust Him, but it does become very evident whether or not we have made the decision when trials and tribulations occur in our lives.  When we know of nothing else to do, we could make that choice in desperation – but those that have done so in preparation, have a humble spirit and can take those steps of uncertainty because they understand Who holds their hand. Oh, that we would each learn to TRUST Him more!  Ms. Leslie – THANK YOU for demonstrating that for each of us, not only in the Testimony that you speak, but also in the One that you live.

We Have Chosen To Trust Him! |

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