This Series is part of a two part Series on the word “Wait”.  The beginnings of the look at waiting did not begin from a study, devotion, sermon, blog or a something that crossed my mind.  Rather, this Series is based on a person’s testimony through a trial with dual-partial knee replacements – her testimony, as highlighted by her husband and witnessed by countless others, has Encouraged me greatly.  Each day she posts something, of which every one of them is read.  The post that sums her up for me is this, Isaiah 40:31 –

But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;and they shall walk, and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31 | King James Version

Many think of having surgery, a major illness or a catastrophic event in their lives as reason to sit down, take load off and STOP everything. NO, NO, NO!  If you have thought that, I’ve got some news for you Christian, that is NOT what the Bible says!  Over and over again, we are give instruction through God’s Word as to what our actions, duties and heart should be doing – there are fourteen (14) passages in this first Series of two (2) that give us situation after situation where is was NOT a fun time for those suffering, but they waited on the LORD.

Each Time We Struggle

Seasons and storms are going to come our way and enter into our lives at the most inopportune moments, which the world will find fault in some manner to discredit or in a vain attempt they will try as they might to pull the Lord Jesus off His Throne.  This Series focuses on the Old Testament, as does the first passage come from Isaiah, which is a very solid foundation in which for us Spiritually to draw life’s lessons.  This dear woman has taken the opportunity, through her physical struggle, to shine VERY brightly by way of showing us her personal walk with the Lord – what better witness can one have?


Her husband travels extensively within the United States and has one of the SWEETEST testimonies about his wife for this time – sharing his appreciation, devotion and love for her everywhere he goes. Her heart and love for the Lord are always pointed to as being a strength to him – how many wives have that kind of an effect on their husbands?  I’ve never met her, but to hear her husband talk of her, she is the best friend anyone could have and loves him beyond anything he’d ever believe one could.  She Loves the Lord, depends on Him in, during and through her struggle, to support her husband – waiting upon the Lord.


By spending time in the Word of God, we have the opportunity as Christians to find God’s Mind on the daily places where we find ourselves and the struggles we discover are upon us.  We should be Encouraged to find that our Heavenly Father has MUCH to say about those places we find ourselves and those struggles we discover are upon us.

How We Wait

Wait Upon The LORD | Waited For Thy Salvation
Lead And Teach Me | Keep And Deliver Me
He Shall Strengthen | Rejoice and Trust Him
Rest And Wait Patiently | He Brought Me Up
I Will Praise and Wait | His Strength Is My Defence
He Only Is Everything | Findeth Him, Findeth Life
Wait For and Seeketh Him | Good To Hope and Quietly Wait

Waiting can be difficult, especially when it involves a physical, medical or emotional challenges.  We MUST remember that we have full access to the Great Physician as Christians, the One who can do something about everything.  There is purpose in each time of challenge we have – something to learn, things to change and hearts to be molded.  We may question at times whether or not that time is worth the challenge, but most of the time when we turn back and honestly consider God’s Plan – we’ll see He knew what He was doing all along.  Are we willing to wait, all the while letting Him mold us and staying ready, when He says go?  The cry of my heart is to be just that – letting Him mold me and being EVER ready to do, while staying right close to Him in all things I do. A lesson learned from a lady who has impacted me because of her love for her Saviour and her husband – Thanks Ms. Beth!!!

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