This Series was started some nine (9) months ago as a research topic/item for the word “UNTO” to go with the starting passage of Scripture in Psalm 105. Besides the mind boggling 9,003 references for the word “unto”, it was of interest that the ENTIRE Bible has that word used in it – all sixty-six (66) books. That is NOT what this Series has in it!

As the “phrases” for the Series were narrowed down, a phrase did finally become settled, “unto the LORD”, which still netted 511 matches – not counting the ones that were close to the same meaning. The passage which stood out to me was one which incredibly formed a poem, at the beginning…

At The Beginning

… of every verse utilized in this Series, there is a phrase or statement made which is presented in the following diagram:

O give thanks…
Sing unto Him…
Glory in His Name…
Seek the LORD…
Remember His Works…
He is LORD…
He Remembered…

Reading them in that manner, leads us to an understanding in just eight verses of how much we really can depend on Him for in our lives.  It is a stepping stone planner set before us to engage, show love toward, to be in adoration of and reminder that we desperately need HIM. Keep in mind, this is but a “short list” of things we need to be aware.


Along with beauty that our Heavenly Father has on display for us in His perfectly created world before we messed it up with sin, He also gave us His Word – which we not only should be thankful for, but LIVING it for Him. Our daily lives are those things when we draw close to Him – these eight (8) verses are provided to remind us.


This Series has been developed from the first eight (8) verses of Psalm 105 which remind us of the Forever Covenant promised which we as Christians have benefit of today.

Giving Thanks UNTO The LORD

O Give Thanks
Sing & Talk of Him
Glory & Rejoice
Our God
For Ever Covenant

How often are we able to take the Bible and directly apply it to our daily lives? If the answer is rarely, then I’ve some VERY uncomfortable news to share with you… Something is wrong with your daily walk – which should include reading/studying God’s Word, along with prayer, meditation on His Word, daily Worship, godly music, a devotion which provides a Christ-like awareness and reflection in/around you…  These are just a FEW of those things we should have in our lives, our growth, our maturity and our witness.  God’s Word is designed to provide soul searching, conviction by the Holy Spirit and to change us from the inside out.  The pressure by the world on the outside is why we cannot change from the outside to others on the outside – all they see is what they have seen and know already.  As the Word is read, our hearts and minds are changed, as will our spirit also change – that Spirit resides inside of us.  In order for that Spirit to reflect in the most effective manner is for us to give God His Place, realizing Who Jesus Is, what He has done for each of us – only then will our reflection over-power the wickedness of the world, allowing for the Light of Christ shine such that others would come to know Him, and Give Thanks UNTO the LORD!

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