This Series was being designed for a special person, a very specific man with terminal cancer – his battle ended this past Thursday, May 28th, 2015.  Out of respect for his family and arrangements, this Dear Christian Fellow’s name will remain withheld.  I am deeply saddened that he didn’t get to see them himself, even if I’d have rushed them – it would have been too late for him to acknowledge seeing, hearing and benefiting from them.

The goal of this Series was to develop a specific set of Encouragement items that revolved around Trust – not the word, but the actual meaning of it from God the Father’s perspective, the Saviour’s perspective and the Holy Spirit’s perspective.  My challenge became VERY apparent when looking up a phrase that many of have heard countless times over the years, “Trust in the Lord”, which can be tied to another phrase we most likely are familiar with hearing also, which is: “He shall direct thy paths.”  The second phrase comes from a familiar passage:

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:6 | King James Version

The exact phrase (“trust in the lord”) garnered 19 hits, where loosening up on the search restraints while using the exact same words yielded at total of 46 hits for verses containing them. Interesting to note, there are only three (3) verses that utilize those four words in a sentence in the New Testament.  With a little thought, the reason will become abundantly clear as to why that is the case…

Trusting The LORD

As literally hundreds of verses and passages were researched from cover to cover in God’s Word, I learned something – Trust is Personal.  Majority of the times that the word “trust” is used throughout the Bible, it is specifically referring to particular people groups, events in which others are engaged in (or should be engaged in doing), or what would happen to them for failing to “trust” their God.  If this was to make sense to me or anyone else, something had to become evident in the presentation – needless to say, it did…

Have you ever been too restrictive when looking for something, anything – which makes perfect logical sense to you, but baffles the “tar” out of another person? Some would say that we have lost the art of Trust when it comes to our Heavenly Father – which I would actually AGREE with that person, but… there is a CLEAR path in the Word of God placed amongst His Revelation to us that will change our lives and the way we think – if we will just open our eyes to what we’ve had in the Holy Book of God the ENTIRE time!


The LORD did not give the Christian a long, detailed list to just Trust Him with, for, over…  Psalm 18:2 KJV, which is used in the first print, shows us this being lived out by King David.

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.
Psalm 18:2 | King James Version


The LORD has been gracious, forgiving and merciful to a Sinner such as I… It seems that the LEAST that I can do is TRUST Him, which is FAR more than just a word, jargon, statement, declaration or dedication – it is a WAY of LIFE.  In the twenty-three (23) verses utilized in this Series, many of them state Who God is to them.  We have an incredible opportunity to show Him that we Trust Him where others will want the peace, contentment and love which is caused by doing so. While we are Trusting Him, we are witnessing of Him to others.

How We Can Trust Him

My Rock, My Fortress, My Deliverer, My God, My Strength, My Buckler, My Salvation, My High Tower
In Him will I Trust, His Way is Perfect, Let Me never be Ashamed
New Song in My Mouth, Praise Unto Our God, Declare All His Works
My Help, My Shield

There is an old adage that is remembered from childhood, which states: “You will eventually find whatever you are looking for, if you keep looking for it long enough.” The Hope that a person finds in Trusting the Lord places in us, by means of the Holy Spirit, a looking compass that aligned with God’s Word and His Provision. It is my desire for each person that happens upon this Series to understand We Can Trust Him, He is the LORD.

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