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Immediately upon seeing the statement for which this Series is based being posted by Ms. Beth Casteele McComas, Hebrews 10:23-25 came to mind. A few other verses danced around inside my head, but the Hebrews Scripture I knew was tied tight to the statement – the basis was formed and being forged to have the statement stand and verses of Scripture support it. Do items that run across your reading and hearing in an effort to inspire, trigger a prompting of the Holy Spirit to remind you of Scripture? Mine was so simple, yet very profound – touching others with our Faith, inspiring them by our Love of the Father, teaching them, as it were, by an experience that you have been personally affected by another person’s circumstances.

We are here to do JUST that – to Touch others lives and Inspire them reach further than themselves in the Faith. One might think that the time we take to impact others lives is just another day – but I can assure you that if there is anything I’ve learned working with children… the impact you make can change the course of time for them. Added to that, reaching out to those that are in their latter years, will put into words the impact you make with them – especially when it comes to truly walking out your Faith.

Touching Others To Inspire

In order to touch and/or inspire any individual, a decision is going to have to be made to be in a place where our Service to the Lord can touch the lives of others and that we as God’s Children are willing to be used by Him by whatever means He see’s fit.  Both of those items require a sacrifice on our part, a yielding of ourselves, even to the smallest item or task – for we have no idea just how mighty a small thing can become life changing to another person.

We often have only have a glimpse, even if we are made aware then, of an impact that we are making in the life of another individual or group of individuals. Several instances of this kind of impact came to my mind as this Series was being prepared. One of the most profound is the Preaching Ministry at a local nursing home, which was my absolute honor to participate in for several years once or twice a month on a regular basis. At the time is was VERY difficult for me to sing, for the pain was barely tolerable to do loud enough to lead a group of people. Each service the group was “warned” that me singing alone would be a “bad” thing and they would NOT want to hear me sing by myself – they’d have to help me from deep within.

Don’t let me kid you, I LOVE to sing – anyone that knows me, knows that if I cannot sing… whistling or humming is going to happen, unless I’m asleep. Nonetheless, it is so painful at times that only a whisper is all that can be managed. It never dawned on me that they could tell how severe the pain was from how I sung, whistled or hummed. They knew I was in the building, because of doing one of those three things – singing, whistling or humming. Room to room, gathering them, asking if they wanted to sing a little and learn about God a little more.


To brighten their day a little on Thursdays or Fridays was a highlight of my week, but more importantly – it brightened theirs. A statement that I’d only hear much later was this one “Where’s that fella that’s singin’ all the time… He knows God and can share it…”  Talk about buckle your knees… Did they really see that in me? Sure hope so, because I could not do that on my own, it was the Lord overflowing from deep inside.  Walking around to the rooms to hear folks singing hymns getting ready to go to “church services” showed me that a difficulty of mine was used to touch folks unlike anything I could have tried on my own.


Intro to List

Be Kind and Never Waiver

Just as a Pebble Creates Waves When It is Dropped in a Pond, Showing Acts of Kindness Can have this Same Effect as It can Touch Others’ Lives and Inspire Many.

Closing Statement

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