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The final image of this Series is actually a culmination of all the prints put together as a summary of how a Christian can be reminded of the Patience of Job.  Somewhat more of an artistic flair has been added to this piece in an effort to create a lasting reminder that we must tilt ourselves in Our Heavenly Father’s direction to achieve the very thing we looked to Job to understand.

Concept & Direction

In one print, we can be reminded of where to look and to find the characteristics we need to emulate the way we develop patience – no one has a corner on complete patience – we need the reminders and reinforcement of where to look for them.

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Know | Chose | Recognize | Understand | Discover | Determine | Continue | Repent
Blessed | Behold | Redeemer | Knoweth | Humble | Wait, I Say | Tender | Purpose | Repent


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