For those that keep up/follow me on any regular basis will have already quickly picked up on the return to the statements, Scripture and sayings that have a distinct sentences and thoughts that appear due to highlighting.  This one for Job, from the Bible, is an INCREDIBLE example of needing to have a solid, exacting phrase – or what I’d like to refer to as Holy Spirit answering to a quiet meditation time on a matter needing a desperate answer.

No question in my mind, enough volume has been squarely placed in my bowl with this one that a book could be written about this meal.  Not only is there the Statements to consider, but also biblical support to show through to each that would consider asking Our Heavenly Father to illuminate the eye-gate of our hearts to listen to Him Speak.

Consider My Servant

As we consider His Servant Job, it would do us well to take a deep look into why we have lack of patience. It is my inclination that we are suffering from the lack of compassion – we are missing the inner man, the person who God the Father see’s in others and in ourselves. God knew that Job would withstand, that the very metal of his existence would be tested, verified and made perfect.

Even when Job had no idea what was happening, we get the benefit of God’s Triumph through His choice Servant as we have the complete story to read, study and make application of in our lives.  Would we prove to be so purified by such demonstration?


Could you and I choose to do so – and – see God’s Blessing, Mercy and Purity in the throws thereof?


There are several items to consider with this Series, with each being a building block on the other, as well as a support structure for understanding how Job’s patience was built out of adversity.  Each step, part and piece of the process, as horrific as we may see them, were the fashion in which God chose to show us Patience through a Choice Servant, Job.

The Pieces

First Question: Would He, or Even Could He?
Action Item: Entrust Your or Me With… All That is Spoken of in His Holy Book
Responsibility: Such a Display for the World to Witness & Be Faithful to?

It is OUR responsibility to share our Faith with others, right?  All those GOOD things that we are SO Blessed to have given us and presented to us… as if we deserved them, right?  This Series is MUCH more than that, it is a display of being able to be Forged by our Creator, even while going through the most desperate of measures, coming out on the other end of that trial, difficulty or challenge, showing forth as Precious and Refined – an example for others who may and are likely watching your every move, attitude, disposition and responses.

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