Encouragements By His Word Series



How many times have you and I known exactly what to say to those we are around, or even close to, when tragedy strikes?  Often times we may find ourselves looking from the outside in, where we cannot fully comprehend what the other person is really experiencing.  In those situations we can have sympathy with them, but really cannot be empathetic to the point of understanding of what they are going through emotionally.  It may be even more difficult to understand that this event or series of events did NOT catch God the Creator of Everything off guard and it is HIM that we need to remember Knows all, especially given that we cannot “See” like He does.  If we will turn our thinking around, realizing that this is a moment in time for us, it will become abundantly clear that we can influence others by pointing them to the Bible for Words of Comfort and Assurance which transcends time.

This list is sort of off the beaten path so to speak, because they are not the same as we may have heard others quote in consoling others, or as a minister bespeaking on their behalf.  Most of these are from the Old Testament, as only three (3) of them are from the New Testament.  Interesting to note also, the Old Testament verses of Scripture all point forward to the One who will wipe away those tears of grief and loss… Praise the LORD!

Thoughts Presented In Scripture

Each of the prints completed has a single focal point listed of two words, as follows:

  • 01 | My Refuge
  • 02 | My Rock
  • 03 | He Heard
  • 04 | His Favor
  • 05 | My Peace
  • 06 | My Blessed
  • 07 | New Things
  • 08 | My Comfort

By looking at these in light of how they are presented, each of them comfort in a number of different situations and circumstances.  Several lists like the ones used have been collected, but this set struck the right cord in me and has broadened my own Scripture base – not only being a soothing reminder, but also the reminder of WHO is doing the Comforting.  The Scripture listing can be found on the Series page and of course the prints on the Prints page.

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