The starting point for this Scripture study began with a message prepared for our local business fellowship on the Passage from Psalm 119:105-112 | King James Version as to what God’s Word should be in our lives.  The study was broken down into three different sections which are the following:

  1. For Our Direction (119:105)
  2. For Our Defense (119:109)
  3. For Our Delight (119:111)

In those three (3) areas, different facets of what the Word is to do in our lives is presented in a rich review of us being Fed and building up our Faith.

For Our Direction

Beginning in the very first verse of this Scripture passage, comes a definition of “Thy Word” that can be broken into two distinct parts.

“NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”
Psalm 119:105 | King James Version

The word “lamp” could be looked upon as a “guide” showing us where we should go when we heed what it says and abide by the guidelines it established for the Christian.  A Spiritual “feed” in the sense that we are to read God’s Word with that whole thought in mind – “what are we getting out of our daily Scripture intake and consumption.”

The word “light” is also presented to us in a manner for each of us to review, for as the lamp illuminates our individual steps, the “light” allows us to see our “faith” put into real shoe leather as the saying goes along the path of life.  We are rarely given the whole map, but rather a portion of it so we can learn to lean on LORD, therefore helping us to more depend upon Him in all areas of our lives.

Rarely when something is started do we have all the pieces to the puzzle, or all of the clues for the map as is portrayed earlier.  We must remember that {God is Always Trustworthy}-PTRabon. As we proceed along, more of it becomes visible to us, which with that comes a more perfect understanding of the purpose in which is being worked in our individual lives.

“But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.”
Proverbs 4:18 | King James Version

The writer said that “I will perform it” in verse 106 and gives to us his position in verse 107 by the statement “I am afflicted very much…”  He wants to be directed and is willing to follow through – which is exactly the point – the LORD gives us His word “For Our Direction”!

For Our Defense

We know without a doubt when we are in trouble – sometimes it is a marked item that when we share with others, they can immediately identify the place where they find themselves.  The first part of verse 109 gives us the writers phrase as a position: “My soul is continually in my hand:”, which we could surmise is like the cliché “my hearts in my throat” phraseology.  {Yet (tie in) Remember: When the Troubles Come, when you are MOST insecure is when you will MOST need the LORD.} PTRabon

Most people will face adversity and anxiety about this one thing or another, which as we grow as Christians we need to learn {not to walk away} PTRabon – we do have an adversary and an Advocate – who are NOT the same.  The following truism reigns true:

{It is easy to believe, hard to behave and live like it.} PTRabon

For Our Delight

Heritages are important and are a woven fabric of our backgrounds, by which having “an heritage” is something dear and is to be treasured.  This is exactly what is being portrayed here in verse 111, which can be viewed as a “formula to success in the Christian life” if you will:

Testimony =EQUALS= Rejoicing of My Heart

It is to our delight that His Word is presented to us, right where we live, not just to some remote group of people.  Others will notice it too – which is a two way street – when we say we are Christians and don’t live it – they know it…  When we say nothing at all and seek constantly to follow the LORDs Will for our lives, that also shows through – they know it then too as well.

{Obedience to the Scriptures does not yield our Salvation, but we live it.  We should have a desire to finish strong/well.  Indeed the Scriptures, including this one sharing with us Love, Learn and Live, is God’s Love Letter to Us.} PTRabon  We should incline ourselves to do so, just as in the writer did in verse 112, “even unto the end…”


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