This Series is certain to garner some attention because of the very pointed entry beginning with the Theme image, continuing through a better known lyric (God’s Been Good) and the whopping seventeen supporting challenges to each of us of how we can more than cope through where we are, leaning on our relationship with God the Father.  Mouthful??? Yes.  Truth??? Most definitely!!!

Okay, cannot tell you that slamming a finger in a door jam, or smacking one’s finger tips with a carpenter’s hammer, causes immediate break out and praise to God for our doing such things… The opening Scripture passage would not be many folks choice for an opening act, but nonetheless, let us take a look at it:

It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.
Psalm 119:71 | King James Version

Being afflicted, as a defined action, is to be…

Affected with continued or often repeated pain, either of body or mind; suffering grief or distress, of any kind; followed by at, by or with;
Webster’s Dictionary 1828

Matthew Henry has a VERY powerful statement to make about this learning session:

“the afflictions had contributed to the improvement of his knowledge and grace.”
Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

Totally Contrary To Mainstream Thinking

There are many people that have said numerous times that they do not understand how such suffering, by others experience, is living or how it can even be tolerated. Becoming a “Christian” is supposed to “prevent” people from having difficulties, challenges and hardships that many experience on a regular basis, with some of us having them moment-by-moment at times.  Right? Lessons can be learned in a host of ways, but there is a special teacher in adversity and trials, that training is rarely forgotten –rather it can become a part of us as a lesson learned through that hardship and our reliance on God’s unending Provision.


Each one of the passages used in this Series focuses on an area we should examine regularly in order to remind ourselves of Whom it is we are to rely on, which is not ourselves.


Seventeen questions/statements are derived from the Scripture passages used in this Series which should motivate us in taking a look at how we are responding to others about our Heavenly Father’s influence on our lives.

How About Us?

  1. Have WE bore witness of the Light today?
  2. Are YOU this kind of person?
  3. Are WE so alive?
  4. Will WE be more than conquerors?
  5. Give HIM all the glory!
  6. Have WE been filled today?
  7. Do WE thank Him for our renewal day by day?
  8. See HIM through all that we have opportunity to do!
  9. Are OTHERS seeing God through us?
  10. Is THAT gift evident in all that you do?
  11. Will WE pray and thank Him for keeping us?
  12. Do WE recognize where our strength is derived?
  13. All IS settled by the Cross!
  14. Crown HIM with Glory and Honour!
  15. Are WE doing His Will?
  16. Let US speak only as God the Father would have us to speak!
  17. Shall WE be partakers of the Divine Nature of God’s Son, Jesus?

Each of these questions were created from passages which come from the New Testament (surprising to me at first) and should be Encouraging to EVERY Christian who will read them.  They each tell us how to go about “doing” that specific item, not just that we should think about it, it is about action, moving toward Christlike maturity.  A few of us have bumps, bruises and constant reminders of His Provision – which have changed me as a person, a Christian, a Husband, a Dad, a Brother, a Son, a Grandson, a Friend, a Witness…  The list goes on and on, I’ll take that and knowing that He is with me and shall never forsake me. Who will you Encourage with this Series? I’ve done part of my job with it, it has been shared with you…

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