We’ve each most likely heard this phrase, or something really close to it, just after opening our mouths to espouse something we’d just as soon forget than remember. Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it, more times that I’d like to admit – the alphabet order comes first, the SPEAK comes before THINK.

This Series takes a look at a statement which an individual posted on a Social Media site with a tagline that caught my eye, that tagline:

A Formula For Christians To Use Before Speaking About Others

As is done with many Series ideas, a swath of a search was made on-line to see what others might have possibly done with the statement of this Series:

THINK before you SPEAK

There are literally thousands of things found where the phrase was used and the five questions (or something really close) were used in a print on varying kinds of materials.  What amazed me though, is that very few of them had anything to do with Scripture whatsoever. Many of them utilized the question format when dealing with the topic of bullying and the actions taken by the bullied on themselves because of it. Next to ZERO had anything to do with how we should respond or speak about others from a Christian perspective.


Two People | One Series

This set of thoughts had been gathered some time ago to put together for a Series from multiple sources. A friend who placed in on his wall had the tagline used for this Series, which was found in multiple places from multiple sources – so tracking it down to an original source has proven difficult.  But that friend is not who this Series was built for – although Bro. Mike definitely will get a THANK YOU for placing it there to get the ball rolling.

One of these individuals is a Brother in Christ whom I do not know personally, but know of and have gotten to know a whole bunch more about through folks at our church who do know him well.  Events over the past two weeks have prompted me to get this one in the pipeline of design, with this particular man put squarely on my heart to focus upon.  He will have to tell me the significance, because all I’ve got is the Holy Spirit convincing me to do. It does remind me very much of his writing of things on Social Media, but how exactly I’m not sure of yet.

The second individual is a “more senior” Sister in Christ that I’ve grown to love, admire, trust, respect and plain flat out TEASE at every opportunity presented and tend to make some up just for good measure.  The first image put together with the pillow of roses was specifically designed for her – while not her favorite color, it is her favorite kind of flower.  She has reminded through struggle, sacrifice and counsel that it is definitely BEST to THINK before deciding to SPEAK what comes across the rear side of our eyeballs first, because what flies outside the front of our eyeballs can be too much, too late to take back once it is done.  I already know the what and why because of the communication we keep going each week and sometimes daily.

So you see that one person is seen from a distance, but has been put upon my heart to include, while the other person is so much more known and comfortable to design for and about.  We do not always know what God has in store for the person who is receiving our focus being supplied solely of Christ – for the Brother in Christ is a Pastor.  Even more important than that, is that we need not know the “why” in the situation, it is most important that we “do” for that person as the Holy Spirit directs, it could be JUST what that individual needs, delivered in a means that only they can or will understand.

There are over 140 Series now for and not a single one of them has missed being delivered to the intended target, and each of them have amazing stories behind them as they are touched by them.  Others have been impacted around the world by them – just as our words should be thought about before we speak them – we should have desire of the same type of impact, with the Love of the Father as our Guide.


The five sentences asked in this Series, which are built upon the word THINK follow.

THINK Questions

  1. is it True?
  2. is it Helpful?
  3. is it Inspiring?
  4. is it Necessary?
  5. is it Kind?

Will we “think” about these questions before we dare “speak” a word about another fellow Christian?  How about we apply that to “any” other person?  As Christians, we can use the formula to keep us out of trouble, and more importantly to not grieve the Holy Spirit.

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