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This study has been absolutely AMAZING! What then, you might ask, has me all excited? Discovering things about God, the Holy Spirit and my Lord and Saviour – is EXCITING! Now, with this exciting study comes some real responsibility, to present it and share it in the most appropriate manner. The starting of the concept for this Series began with the consideration of a Christian song which has a name of God in it – El Shaddai.

Hold on, for here comes the question: where pray tell do you find that in the Bible? It IS His name…

El Shaddai | The All-Sufficient One

We sing about His name – for it is a Judaic name of God, which is used in Genesis 17:1 as…

…I am the Almighty God; walk before me, and be thou perfect.
Genesis 17:1 | King James Version

It is Hebrew actually… It is HIS name and you will NOT find it in the King James Version of the Bible. I’ve just walked into a hornets nest, haven’t I?  Before anyone goes off thinking I’m off my rocker about going soft on my biblical stance or abandoning the KJV, read the Series first – you will get my point, because it is loud and clear.

Finding His Names

Anyone who knows me and my study tactics knows that a recommended course of action when studying the Bible is to have a GOOD Bible Dictionary handy – which my recommendation is Webster’s 1828 Dictionary for most researching.  The second item that is most handy is a Strong’s Concordance / Bible Word Concordance.  Added to that, a good Bible program would be handy for the computer which will likely have all three of these, as well as the opportunity to review & compare older translations. People have all kinds of choices, pick one that you like – for me, actually use 4 different ones because no single one has all of what is needed for my liking. (Our Family has a Bible program on EVERY single computer, laptop, phone, tablet we own)

There is a Hebrew chart of these names provided in this Series @:


What was discovered was very eye opening and fulfilling – each of the Names the Jews referred to as God has a deep rooted meaning and rich history behind each one.  The Names are tied to events, places and times where just the mention of that particular name had meaning to all that heard.  In a word, their Faith in God could be demonstrated by what Name they called Him.  They were and are Precious, Reverent, Holy and Honoring recollections that not only told a story, but were and are used to teach generations about events they never had the opportunity to be a part of when it actually happened.


The rich heritage and significant historical meaning requires that we do more than just have our Bibles in our hands, we must be willing to do some digging in what we have remaining of the Old Books and our Bibles to see how those names shaped the history of God’s People and have ultimately became available to the Gentiles as well. Once those correlations are made and more clearly understood, a whole new realm of history and understanding of just how INCREDIBLE our God is begins to emerge. Just as we can walk along the same paths that the Disciples took, out Saviour walked, if we are so blessed to go to the Holy Land in our lives – we can catch a glimpse of how WONDERFUL and MARVELOUS His Names are.


The following nine (9) meanings present us with a written piece of explanation that we may not have ever considered before.

Meanings of His Names

I AM THAT I AM <|> Great Is Our Lord <|> I Am The LORD
In The LORD For Ever <|> Verily My Sabbaths Ye Shall Keep
Hearken To The Voice Of The LORD Thy God
I Am The Almighty God <|> There He Put The Man
The LORD Is My Shepherd

For me, researching events and happenings is a daily activity.  Whether that be learning how to say a word, name or place correctly – it presents me with a challenge and the opportunity NOT to butcher whatever is being attempted with contempt. A little time researching something usually provides a basic understanding of the item, process or activity.  God’s Names are different because they unlock time periods, events and peoples lives – which makes the Bible become even more special to me. Can you recall a time where something interested you or caught your attention in the Bible where getting a perspective on the time, place, people and events became paramount?  Has that ever happened to you? One does NOT have to be a scholar to dig a little bit to find out what may have been going on in the situation in the Bible that the Holy Spirit has placed a finger, nudging us to look a little closer to see, discover or better understand what was happening. We just might be surprised what we do find – people, who just like us, needing some guidance and a reminder of how GREAT Our God REALLY IS!  If He did it for them, surely we can Trust Him to do the same for us…

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