There are so many things that we as Christians can take for granted, not realizing what is “common” to us, can be totally “foreign” to others. I’ve said for many years that we cannot expect others to understand what impact that God’s Word has made upon our lives, for they may not know the Source personally. The sermon that the title ideas came from by our Pastor reminded me of a struggle that a Preacher had a few years back in response to something that probably could have been handled differently and words chosen more carefully.

A question that each of us have probably asked ourselves in recent days, either privately or out loud, is something like the following:

How could these people be so ugly, vulgar and wicked?

Whether it be right around us, close in proximity, or half way around the world, in the mountainous desert terrain of the Middle East, we have the false conception that everyone has been exposed to the same or similar Word of God we have. Why do they act the way they do? How can they say such hurtful, vulgar things? Where does such hatred come from? Those questions were being asked by this Preacher, to which I replied very simply… They do not know what you and I know, they haven’t heard what you and I have heard, they — are in the world, acting like the world and responding as the world responds…

How Could They Know?

The statement made that rang my bell, so to speak, and rose up inside of me, is the very name of this Series – The Whole World Doesn’t Know (John 3:16). Just how is it we have come to expect the “world” to do what Christian’s ought to do, when they do NOT have Christ in them? If we act, behave, entertain, imitate, look, model, operate, speak, transgress and wallow just like they do, pray tell WHY would they want to be ANYTHING like a Christian? All we would be achieving then, is “Blending In” with them, all in the vain thought of “winning them over” to something they already see through. The following thought is modified from the original, but it is sure and true:

“If we are Blending, then Something is Wrong with Us!”

For our neighbors to know, we have to tell them. To expect our families to know, we will not only have to tell them, but we will have to sincerely have to show them. Our workplaces will judge our beliefs by our actions in even the most minuscule of situations. Our expectations of the world, while genuine in thought, is flawed at the very least when we allow ourselves to think they are going to play by the same rules that Our Lord has established for us to abide.

Each of us have a choice that should be reviewed and made anew each day – to be the Christian’s we ought to be, for that is what being a Christian means – being Christ Like. The Mission of, as a personal extension of me, is to Encourage, Make Available, Present, Share, and Witness through the mediums of Social Media/Networking, E-mail and Internet Presence. That Mission is ONLY the beginning piece for me, how else with the World Know Him if we do not avail ourselves to every opportunity we are by Providence given?

How can we show Him to others?  There are nine (9) ways given in this Series, all with Scripture to back them up, of how we can show them.

For Us To Show

Believing to Begin
Obey Him
Begins When We Care
Emphasize the Truth
World Without Grace
Seen In Us
Practice Is A Must
Christian Beliefs
Blending Is Wrong

This Series hits REALLY close to home for me, for it is a personal goal, habit and labor. Thank you Bro. Jeff Jones for being Faithful to deliver what the Lord has lain upon your heart and the Holy Spirit directs. Are we expecting the world to act/respond like we should incorrectly?  In order to have Christian Character and a form of Godliness, one has to be a Christian – or else it will not be of Him at all. Commit in your heart today Christian that you will tell the world about Jesus Christ, then watch how He changes them and the lives they come in contact with – then they can know.

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