The world in which we are living today has changed considerably from the environment even of my youth, which is only a mere 30+ years.  While the struggles and temptations have not changed greatly, the access to more of them and them being made so readily available, has shown through as a clear detriment to society as a whole – Christian and Secular alike.  A question that we see more pondered by sheer volume is about Truth, where it originates and how we can know the changes that brings about.

The title of this Series helps point us in that direction: The Spirit of Truth. Majority of people can relate to the example that I’ve used many times about “playing the devil’s advocate”, where we see a “bad person” on one shoulder and a “good person” on the other – both trying to influence the decision of the person in question.  Some would go so far as to say “The Devil made me do it!”, referring to the “bad person” on one shoulder. Who is the one on the other shoulder? An angel? Which one?

Even the world has it right in that it is the “Spirit of Truth”, but sadly they know NOTHING of this Spirit and Who He actually is.  Our Lord Jesus was a Comfort to those individuals and His Disciples when He was here in person, but promised to provide us with another, One Who would reside IN us as Christians – never leaving, nor forsaking us. Just as we have to come to the Saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ, the free Gift of Salvation includes that Spirit, in residence.  Who is this Spirit?

Which Is The Holy Ghost

Is He a Ghost?  The wording used here conveys a thought – we cannot see Him, but you will KNOW He is Present.  Do realize that the Disciples/Apostles didn’t “see” the Holy Spirit either. Then, HOW, pray tell do you KNOW that you KNOW? Matthew Henry had a firm grasp on sure fire ways to see how, consider what he shared the Holy Spirit will do:

Teach – Truth
Enlighten – Mind with Knowledge
Strengthen & Confirm – Belief
Increase – Love

We get an interpreter for the Bible.  We gain a discerner of our heart. We develop a relationship with our Lord and Saviour. We are most keenly able to tell right from wrong.


What is most interesting to me is the fact we have a clear picture from a biblical perspective on What and Why Jesus Christ did what He did on the Cross for us. We have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us as Believers so we could clearly have a conduit of access to the same God, same Son of God that those in His time, even though they had limited access to Him.

We have a completed Word, the Bible, in a language we can understand.  We have the Power of the Holy Spirit to do those things our weak and frail bodies cannot do on their own. We have access into the VERY THRONE ROOM of HEAVEN – which in Old Testament time was largely only possible for the Priests and Prophets. We have the TRUTH!


This Series largely tells a story with each passage of Scripture used.  There are a total of ten (10) prints in the set – an overall story line is told below from the four passages that Jesus spoke directly. John 14:16-17, 26, 15:26-27 & 16:17.

The Spirit of Truth

He May Abide With You | For He Dwelleth With You | He Shall Be In You
The Father Will Send In My Name | He Shall Teach | He Shall Bring Rememberance
He Shall Testify Of Me | He Shall Bear Witness | I Will Send Him Unto You

Have we taken the time today – this very day – not yesterday, last week or sometime last month, to listen to the Holy Spirit in our lives? The day that this was written is NOT on Sunday, but have we read our Bibles? Prayed? Praised Him? Sung to Him?  Next, would be this question that each of us should take a SERIOUS reality check of – how do we know that the Comforter is present within us as Christians? How would we know the “comfort” of the Holy Spirit who CAN and WILL talk to us continually if we’d let Him?  As we have the opportunity each and every day we should take the time to listen, really listen to Him. My daily intake of His Word, gospel music/hymns, commentary, Christian reading material, sermons… gives many an opportunity for me to listen, but I also DO with what is consumed – by listening to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit in my doings, I’ve got someone to TRUST. Each of the actions taken can be modeled and supported in God’s Word, which is where the Truth begins – nothing I’ve been convicted to do goes against Scripture – that is how I know Who is talking to me! Where are you getting your cues? I’m not perfect for certain, but I’ve got a guidepost that keeps me on the winning side.

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