Norma’s Story

This Series, the items developed and the people involved are VERY special to me. The challenge of writing about it encompasses many different events, different people groups and of course Brother Gray and Ms. Norma Bryant.  The story unfolded right before our family, church family and Sunday School class. The original Series developed for this challenge is called:

We Are Ambassadors For Christ |

We had the distinct honor of designing, developing and producing the items our Sunday School class used in celebration of Bro. Gray’s recovery “party”.

The Testimony

Recently Ms. Norma was asked to give her testimony of the events and trials of Bro. Gray’s accident which was recorded and has been placed on-line for others to be able to view from anywhere there is Internet access.  The Vimeo video link is provided below of the full recorded session.

Testimony Video |

From the struggle of the initial news and not knowing what had happened, to going through the recovery process after surgeries and setbacks, a real sense of Who God is, presents a triumph in their lives because of the Faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit among His children.

Development of Series

Highlights from Ms. Norma’s testimony are reflected in the prints of this Series.  Please understand that they DO NOT completely encompass every thing she shared, if that were the case, there would be over one hundred (100) prints developed.

January 14, 2009 – Accident of Husband Gray Bryant

This video was made by Beacon Baptist Church and shared with the express permission of Bro. Gray and Ms. Norma Bryant and is in no way created, influenced or managed by

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