Many of us can recall a time in our lives where we can remember being all alone in a situation which personified or amplified our realizing of the very fact of being by ourselves, causing us to wish or hope we could have had at least one other person be with us. Oftentimes that concept or construct is thought of as being seen through the eyes of a child, with a helplessness that defies the basic understanding that we can be safe. As Christians we have a Hope that defies the world’s definition of it and the logic contained in it – our Hope is in Christ.

This Series has pulled from deep within me once again the recall of a time when it seemed the entire world was crashing in and crumbling all around me, so to speak, and the mental/emotional devastation that kind of event can bring – even to the most seasoned Christian. The birth of our daughter. The loss of our son. The medical mishap in the operating room that nearly killed my wife.  Having that specific roller coaster occur in just 24 hours… is not the worst 24 hours of my life, but it is one that I didn’t face correctly as a Christian. It was in that time that I felt all alone, as if no one was there to help me, nor that any person was there to listen to me or guide me thru what had just happened – and continued to happen in the hours, days and months after.

Not Being Alone

It is in those times of tragedy, despair and isolation, that we as Christians should be able to recognize that we indeed are FAR from being alone or by ourselves. The benefit of having a Relationship with our Saviour and Heavenly Father is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit – Salvation brings us all three.  The Relationship that Salvation brings is a Blood bought bond, which is the Promise to NEVER be alone, on our own, ever again – no matter the situation or circumstance.  We will be as close to the Lord as we want to be, but He is ALWAYS there with us.

Knowing that you are not alone is a large part of the battle, but folks may want to know how I’m so sure of that… For me, that is simple – I keep God’s Word close to me – at all times. The Bible is on EVERY device we own and I’ve got a number of printed as well. Music is displayed, played and noted everywhere – home, vehicles, work, on phones… Prints hang all over our walls at home and at my office.  Most everything developed has Scripture included in/on it.

Learning “to pray” is one of the most powerful tools a Christian can develop, it is access to the very Throne Room and Portals of Heaven. Being able to whisper prayer is a whole different level of communication, for when you do, the quiet, still voice of the Holy Spirit, will whisper back to you in a manner that is unmistakable. The Christian is never truly alone, nor are they without One who will talk to them.

This Series was developed in a large part because of the testimony shared by Ms. Norma Bryant of a the tragic accident her husband was in on January 14, 2009, where her very dependence on being able to survive the road that would play out before her would be affected by three other VERY REAL individuals indeed – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  Ms. Norma would come to realize that she would require all three of Them to walk this road, for There Were Four of them that would walk it together in Triumph.

Scripture Promises To Us

He Doeth All Things Well
In Christ Alone We Glory
Closer than a Brother
Let Your Requests Be Made
By Every Word of God
My Grace is Sufficient For Thee
Joy Unspeakable & Full of Glory
Everlasting Strength
Fear Not, Nor Be Afraid
I Am Persuaded in Christ

In a moment, our lives can be challenged, changed and charged by things which are placed in our paths of life.  We do not have to experience them on our own as Christians, we have the opportunity of so much more – to face them, through Faith, as Romans 5:1-5 states: “…we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand…”  We, indeed, are NOT to stand alone in our everyday life, nor are we left alone in the tragedies and travails of our lives. Do you realize that there are indeed Three others with you, Christian? The Creator, the Sinless One and the Comforter all join your One, allowing us to walk through this life, not matter what needs to be done.

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