This Series has been one that has had some “give” and a little “take” with it.  Another artist on-line used a Series (with permission) to develop a set of workshops which are given “in person” and now in a DVD video set.  A skeleton of a new Series was created from our discussions and thoughts shared on a possible collaborative project in the future, which happens to be this particular Series.  Oftentimes the very questions that I’m asked by folks is “Why do you do all this?  Doesn’t it take a lot of time? How come you don’t do something different?”  People would have to “know me” to know why these sets are done – simply put, they are an outward publishing of what goes on inside my heart and mind of a daily walk with my Lord and Saviour – and a mechanism for me to put it down on “paper” as it were (John Williams that was for you!) so someone else might benefit from it.

A more simple question could be asked it is supposed… Why pray? My answer, “Why not?” I’ve also heard so many others like, “What’s the use, what is going to happen is going to happen?”, “Why do you care, nobody else does?”  Maybe, just maybe, the right question has not be asked yet… like, “What is the purpose for praying?”  Now that, would be the right question!  There is a purpose in praying, ONE real big one – talking to our Heavenly Father rings a bell!

The Purpose

This Series has two parts to it – the first of which makes nine proclamations and the final six are things we each should be claiming.  With full assurance that we are His Children, God has given us the examples to look after, given us the insight to others lives as they sought to seek His matter on things and ever more importantly how to approach Him with each one of them.  We have the instructions given with how to carry it out in our lives – RIGHT NOW.  There is NO pause time, no other party that has to be included – just us and the Father.  Each of the first nine passages of Scripture proclaim His Goodness to us with how we can see His hand working in our lives and in the lives of others around us.

The second set, which are the final six in the Series, are provided for us to understand they are truths that we can claim from God’s Word to use through His Inspired Word, the Holy Scriptures – our Holy Bible.  We are given the solution about what should be considered and where we are to go to what we need from Him to do what He has equipped us to do.

8x10 Landscape

Once we have had the opportunity to realize and recognize that there is Purpose and meaning, for and with Prayer, our perspective will change about prayer and our involvement with the active participation in it.  Many people just do not realize that the greatest gift next to Salvation that we have been given as Christians is the Power of Prayer.  If we do not understand it, then we will not know when or how to use it, which not only prevents us from the benefit of doing so, but our ship of life will be rocked and pitched about with no purpose at all.


This Series is broken into two differing sets by perspective only, not by design.  The first list is the Professing parts of prayer and the second are the Claiming pieces of praying.  There are a total of sixteen (16) prints, broken down into the two groups, with nine (9) in the first and six (6) in the remaining.

Perspective Lists

The Purpose of Prayer
Principle of Productive Prayer
Be Ye Hearers & Doers
Perfect Law of Liberty
Connecting and God’s Purposes
Access of Spiritual Growth
A Lesson About Prayer
Prayer of Spiritual Passion
Rooted & Grounded in Love

Thy Presence • Preserve Me • Counsellors
Established • A Season • There is a Time

As has been said so many times, by so many folks, Prayer is important – but do we really believe that it is “Important” to our Heavenly Father, to our Saviour and the exercise of the Holy Spirit in our lives? I believe that Prayer is the most POWERFUL and least used weapon and tool we have as Christians, which is all too often the most misunderstood.  The more we understand about Prayer, the more effective we can become at being more effective and precise about how we talk to God – NOTICE I didn’t say smarter, more intelligent or adjusted to His level…  We can learn to be Thankful, Appreciative, Humble, Forgiving, Doers, Passionate, Compassionate, Caring, Loving, etc.  The list goes on and ON, because there is NO end to God’s Love for us, therefore we will never run out of things to learn.  This tiny Series gives us a wide open view into the most powerful tool we have to accomplish His Work, after His most Powerful Gift to us – Salvation through His Son’s Blood.  It is my desire to be the Prayer Warrior that He’d have me be – and that is one who will have a constant stream of communication between here and the very Throne Room of Heaven.

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