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This EXACT one was just what was needed when this book I’d been delaying was picked up, as this was one of the things that had been a personal struggle for weeks before being admitted to the hospital to attempt to shut down a raging episodic Cluster Headache cycle.  What if this one didn’t work?  How much more money would we have to spend over the next however long to get it quieted down – we’d just payed off the treatment two and one-half years ago which stopped working LONG ago.  Then the following statement rang my bell so to speak:

“A Christian who is walking in the flesh never has the right spirit. He is quenching the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and is unable to know the Victory that the Holy Spirit brings over fear.” Dr. Paul W. Chappell

Ok, maybe it was a gong hammer, a REALLY large one – that was NOT seen coming…  Then no sooner than I’d read that a couple of times over to make sure my eyes were getting that to my brain, here comes the next one:

“We need a spirit that holds fast to God’s Promises and claims His Power.” Dr. Paul W. Chappell

What about MY spirit?  It was critical to me to understand that the RIGHT spirit was shown to the people that would be around me, interacting with me and visiting me such that they would KNOW without one doubt WHO was in control of me – even under duress and powerful drug therapy.  It was my FIRST priority to make sure that my representation was RIGHT, for that would cause everything else to fall right in line.

Right there on the page – something SO profound, which I’d missed in a manner of speaking until I’d had the time to THANK my Heavenly Father for being SO GOOD to me and for my Lord and Saviour for letting me be the right kind of witness:

“I prayed for Faith and it never come, but when I read the Word of God then Faith came.” C. H. Spurgeon

Look at the word at the end of “it never come” – that is a total, all inclusive arrival – because it was asked for in a complete package – notice it never come, which is the proper use of that word.  Even though it looks odd, it is correct – most people would try to correct it, but I assure you with personal experience – it is correct.

There are times, maybe more than any of us would like to admit readily, when we ask for “everything” to come at once, not realizing that the package doesn’t always work like that – I’d even go so far as to say, it RARELY EVER works like that.  Spurgeon said that he “prayed for Faith” – wrong thing to pray for…  Help my unbelief, as in Mark 9:24, when the father of the young child cried out:

“And straightway the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” Mark 9:24 | King James Version

We may even pray to increase our faith, as the Apostles did in Luke 17:5:

“And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith.” Luke 17:5 | King James Version

Notice what just happened???  How have I personally tried to convince you that Faith is NOT what to pray for?  I’ve done nothing other than GIVE you what GOD had GIVEN us – HIS WORD, the Scriptures.  It is NOT my words that will convince you, nor were they what convinced Spurgeon those many years ago – it was the Holy Word, God’s Holy Word – the rock which we base our Faith.

When Spurgeon “read the Word of God”, then and ONLY “then Faith came” to him.  Just as he needed it, just as he read it, all the way God designed for it to be given – by the intake of His Word into our hearts and minds.

Faith is what you GET when you SPEND TIME in GOD’s WORD.


The following are the eleven (11) verses taken from the book verses which Dr. Paul W. Chappell shared and a few that have been added in Bible study proving what Spurgeon wrote in his statement about Faith.

  1. Faith Strengthened
  2. Claim The Promises
  3. Struggling with Insufficiency
  4. Struggling with Inadequacy
  5. Fear of Tomorrow
  6. Fear of Failure
  7. Fear of Rejection
  8. Fear of Loneliness
  9. Fear of Exhaustion
  10. Fear Itself
  11. Be Renewed

It is my HOPE and PRAYER that you will be just as convinced as I am – it IS God’s Word after all that is being given you and I – that we have the AWESOME privilege to have in our hands to gain Faith by reading, hearing, listening to and having the Holy Spirit help us with in our very own lives!  Whew – that is SOMETHING to BE excited about!


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