Each of us should ask ourselves at least once daily “What are we to be doing with whom we are listening to?”, for that is what this series is ALL about.  This “little bit of encouragement” came to be by the way of two things: paying attention AND following through with the simplest of requests.  The paying attention part had to do with getting my eyes off my “self made challenges” and placing them on a couple whom our family has so taken to, that when something is amiss, all three of us start asking “What’s wrong with Ms. Nancy and Mr. Jack?”  The following through part was JUST as simple, but would have NEVER come to the light of day – if it hadn’t been for “The Love of God.”

The Beginning…

After several days from the time the Cook’s had left from Raleigh, North Carolina, we began to be a little concerned that we had not heard from them, as they had left out on the way to the great state of Georgia – Jefferson to be a little more precise.  As I’d had some time to snap a few roses on the Thursday before, started working on them to see if anything could be put into some type of a set.  The roses came from an absolutely incredible group of corsages purchased for a celebration dinner in Wallace, North Carolina which took place at the Mad Boar banquet hall.  The corsages were made with multiple strands of fresh water pearls as the banding and petite red rose buds.

The very first photo chosen to check quality, lighting and to see if there was anything which could be used provided to be a very subtle, but rich color set image which immediately was impressed upon me to drop a line to Ms. Nancy, include the photo and a note because it was troubling me that something was wrong.  Prayed about the situation, then fired off an e-mail with the following photo attached.

My initial message to Ms. Nancy was one to inquire from a funny tone, while also letting her know that we were concerned for them – all three of us have detected a moving in the troubled waters so to speak with some prolonged difficulties.  The Holy Spirit impressed upon me to make the contact, with that EXACT photo.  Knowing that she liked red roses made it make more sense to be me, so without hesitation, attached it to an e-mail and clicked send – having NO idea what would come next.

The Return…

Ms. Nancy zipped me back an e-mail early in the morning the following morning with the first of a two part series of sharing, heartache, encouragement, praise, humbling and of course a healthy dose of bantering!  Told her of the detection of some anguish and heartache detected in her phone calls and e-mails, which included singing the “The Love of God” and indeed that it would be WORTH IT ALL.  One will NEVER know what a person is stumbling over, wrestling with, being hindered by or what is going on in the process of a day – if one is not willing to put down self and make an investment in another persons life.

It is my DISTINCT pleasure and HUMBLING honor to be used in such a manner of encouragement to those whom God the Father has ordered to our paths, where the Lord Jesus can be shared and leaned upon, and in a manner most sweet, the Holy Spirit work through ME.  Even through the midst of challenging times and troubled situations, it is MOST wonderful to see the Counsellor at work, in concert with an effort to use a gift given to me to encourage another – sweet indeed…


The Love of God | Frederick M. Lehman | 1917

Quickly took a look at my “music vault” so to speak to look up “The Love of God” to find those words, setting them to the first rose/pearl image sent to Ms. Nancy -which “started it all” for this series of prints.  As best as can be discovered, there were two original verses, with the third being added at a later date.


“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Romans 8:38-39 | King James Version

Are we persuaded, I mean REALLY persuaded, that NOTHING shall be able to separate us from the LOVE of God?  God loved us SO MUCH that He gave the BEST He had for the WORST of us – which includes YOU and ME – so that we would KNOW His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ!  How we care, how much we care, how we go about that care – will be guided by what you and I WILL NOT let separate us from “The Love of God” – now and forever.  We’d be well to heed EVERY prompting of the Holy Spirit to speak with EVERYONE He places in our pathway.

The Focus…

By humbling ourselves, we will clearly be able to respond favorably to what the Holy Spirit places upon our hearts to do for the God of EVERYTHING.  Listening takes time to learn to do, that comes from our willingness, as well as yearning after the things of God.  Will others know the “song” that is upon your heart, or better yet, will they tell you the “song” that is upon theirs, because you took the time to communicate and show them how much you CARE?  That my Brother and Sister in the Lord is EXACTLY what this site is ALL ABOUT – pointing EVERYONE to the Cross and being one who will be there to help them get there!


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