Cannot tell you how many times as a youngster that the phrase “There are always two sides to every coin, so that means William Allen, there are two sides to the story you are telling…” was “brought” to my attention.  Imagine that?  Well, for those that know me well, a chuckle was just let out and for the others – what can I say…  I’ve always loved a good “story”…

As we ponder the possibilities of this thought, there are actually three sides to every coin -and- three sides to every story.  For the coin, it is front, back and rim, whereas for the story, it is mine, yours and what actually happened.  The tendency in human nature is to favor whichever one serves us at the moment we find ourselves.  People can “see” the side we are on much more clearly than we think they can, through our actions, words, goings and even in what we are silent over.  The cliché “actions speak louder than words” comes to mind and is a basis for this thought being presented in this “See” manner.

The Four See’s should cause people to take a second or third look at this Series, for we have the cliche of “the four C’s” in diamonds which represents:

  • carat – the points in weight the diamond weighs
  • cut – gives the diamond it’s brilliance
  • color – determines what light is reflected by the diamond
  • clarity – represents the flaws found in the diamond and the obstruction they cause to light

Most individuals would think that list of “diamond” C’s goes from most important to least important, where in actuality it is the exact reverse.  Most people pay attention to how “large” something is as they assign value to the prominence that the object represents.  Those items that are more readily seen by the naked eye are given more weight that the ones that are unseen.

The Four See’s for this Series are the following:

  1. Consideration – serious thought, having regard, taking notice of an action, all with a reason to have the right motive in doing an action as unto the Lord.
  2. Consultation – seeking out of another for other opinions, counsel and advice, where a mutual and honest deliberation occurs for the matter of service of the King.
  3. Collaboration  – stepping in the direction of working with others in a manner that jointly fosters harmony and service because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Consecration – separating from the World’s way of doing things to dedicate ourselves to Serving and Worshiping God while living the Christian life.

Just as with the “Four C’s” in the diamond classification process, these Four See’s are also in reverse.  We will ONLY do things for God the Father and keep doing them according to His Grace, Mercy and Power, if we address the first thing with fourth See and work backwards.  Take a look at them: separate, step, seek and be serious.  They will fall into order totally OPPOSITE of what the world would have us believe.

OH what a lesson to learn and excitement to realize that while my desire is to get you to “See” what and how the world looks at us, it is MORE important for us to “See” like the Master wants us to do so!  Before we EVER do something for the God of all Creation, we NEED to be in full communication with Him – trust you me, the world will know that we have been.  There will be NO way to hide it!



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