The fourth installment for this Revival Series presents thirteen passages of Scripture in a manner quite convicting, dealing particularly with areas in a Christian’s life that affect each and everyone of us.  To have have these areas be discovered while preparing this Series from the same Revival Services as the first three, has been triggered by a word, which is “Faithful” and a verse:

Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.
I Corinthians 4:2 | King James Version

We The Faithful

It may be a play on words, as in “We The People…”, but oftentimes people think that because they are at church every time the doors are open that they are doing exactly what God the Father would have them do, that they are following in Jesus Christ’s footsteps and are exercising the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Right?!  The answer is a BIG fat NEGATIVE on that one.  If I’ll be honest with my Creator God, then it is going to be quickly discovered that I’m human – we all are.

We can be faithful to lots of things and be just as rotten to the core as fruit, but with very few even noticing it, but we cannot fool God.  I’d like to have all thirteen (13) of these areas RIGHT in my life at all times, sadly though, it must be confessed – it simply isn’t so.  Will you be honest enough with me, yourself, those around you and the Lord – saying that we need help in all of these areas?

The list isn’t exhaustive, but what a starting point Dr. Capaci began by telling us of his own journey of faithfulness.  He had five points, which, YES I made into thirteen – the Holy Spirit challenged me in each of them because of being in the position of seeking it for my own life.

  1. IN All Doings
  2. IN Assembling
  3. IN Families
  4. IN Fellowship
  5. IN Friendships
  6. IN Prayer
  7. IN Relationships
  8. IN Service
  9. IN Small Things
  10. IN Spiritual Things
  11. IN Stewardship
  12. IN Thinking
  13. IN Worship

This Series presents the framework of areas needing attention as being like this: The Faithful Desire Revival IN _____.  Fill in the blank.  Journey with me through these areas identified in my own life and commit to seeking God’s Hand in our lives to Revive us to where these areas are in constant check and bringing a sweet smelling savor to the Master’s nostrils.

Poem | Move

To ask ourselves, “What can make you move?” is a question indeed worthy of being asked.  This poem was written in response to the Revival Service in which Courtney was moved by – a direct influence of the question itself being asked in her own heart and mind.  Click on the link provided below to learn more about the poem.


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