The Christian Life can aptly be compared to the running of a distance race. To succeed, much is considered in leading up to the successful completion, a person isn’t instantly able to make a go of it without facing a mountain of difficulties.

Arguably the most widely recognized race is the marathon, which is roughly twenty-six and two tenths of a mile (26.2 miles). In order to successfully complete/finish. The beginning of any marathon requires that a decision be made, which is to accept the challenge – it is a weighty decision. To be successful in the completion, preparation must be made with an end date in mind – with as much gaining of knowledge and practice as possible.

The Race of Our Lives

Just as a successful running of a marathon takes time, so does it become in our lives. The Decision to run the race – is Salvation. Any preparation and working in the direction without Faith in Christ. Any preparation and working in that direction without Faith in Christ is without benefit or Blessing.

Once we have accepted Jesus, the Son of God, we then have the correct solid foundation in which to begin trading to run the rest of our lives.

There will be challenges that can be faced just once or twice, to ones which happen again and again. When we notice them, stop – drop & roll them into the Throne Room of our Heavenly Father. He is Mighty and Just to forgive. An example of this is given to us in Zephaniah 3:17 –

“The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; He will Save, He will Rejoice over thee with Joy; He will Rest in His Love, He will Joy over thee with Singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17 | King James Version

One of the things for me is music, to whistle, play or listen. We as human beings are built to respond to sound, music, rhythm – even God Himself sings over us – that is from God’s Word – not mine.


Another very important factor of being a paced constant runner is to keep a constant check on weights. Each of us can have a propensity to hang onto things like baggage, hurts, judgements, habits, attachments, associations and such that keep us from running as we should.  We each need to take time to re-focus every single day, seeking His Direction, His Focus and His Position in our lives.


These nine (9) passages of Scripture, both individually and collectively, help point us to how we can have the most successful Christian Life.

How We Can Have The Most Successful Christian Life

How to Run the Race
We are Not Competing
Winning May Not Be Everything
Anything that has More of You
God has Something Specific
Stop Looking at Others
Looking Unto Jesus
Our Saviour Endured the Cross
Focus on His Position

This Series has been such a good reminder to the Christian as to what really will help us run our Marathon race of the Christian Life more effectively. First of the firsts though, is the decision of Salvation. A person can choose to be the “best” person they can be, but if they do without having the most Important Eternal decision made, the race can be run, with all the expected “appearances”, having no end. We must keep in mind that our race is uniquely ours and our Heavenly Father’s – not to be compared to anyone else’s for the purpose of success or any other reason. Are you or I struggling along our race, doing well sometimes and experiencing head on struggles at others? May we look at this reminder list, considering how we are doing, asking our God to help us Please Him.

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