When we want to classify or look at Attributes of God, His Character needs to be studied to address questions that will arise. Much of the time, with each other, we as the human race pick out things that we feel define, make up or shape a person – where with God, His Attributes are building blocks to our understanding of Him. These will help us understand how and why He is SO far beyond anything we could do ourselves.

There are two different Attributes that are considered here in this Encouragement Series:

Incommunicable | Attributes He Doesn’t Share or Communicate to/about Others than Himself.
Communicable | Attributes He Does Share and Can Be Said of Other Beings.

There are five (5) Incommunicable Attributes and twenty (20) Communicable Attributes described as the following:

Incommunicable Attributes

ASEITY | God is Self-Existed and Self-Sufficient and has no need of human beings or the rest of Creation.

ETERNITY | God has always Existed, having no Beginning and no End, and Experiencing no Succession of Moments.

IMMUTABILITY | God cannot change in His Being, Perfections, Purposes, and Promises.

OMNIPRESENCE | God has no Size or Shape and is Present in all Places with His Entire Being.

UNITY | God’s Whole Being Includes All of His Attributes at All Times. These Attributes are Never in Opposition.

Communicable Attributes

BEAUTY (Summary Attributes) | God is the Possessor and the Sum of all Desirable Qualities.

BLESSEDNESS (Summary Attributes ) | God Delights Fully in Himself and in All that Reflects His Character.

FREEDOM (Attributes of Purpose) | God does whatever He Pleases.

GLORY (Summary Attributes) | The created brightness that surrounds God’s revelation of himself.

GOODNESS (Moral Attributes) | God is the first standard of all good, and all He is and does it worthy of approval.

HOLINESS (Moral Attributes ) | God is separated from sin and He is committed go seeking His own.

INVISIBILITY (Attributes Describing God’s Being) | God’s total essence, all of His Being, will never be visible to us.

JEALOUSY (Moral Attributes) | God Always Seeks to Protect His Own Honor.

KNOWLEDGE (Mental Attributes) | God fully knows Himself and all actual and possible things. (This also known as God’s Omniscience).

LOVE (Moral Attributes) | God Eternally Gives of Himself to Others.

MERCY (Moral Attributes) | God is Good to Those in Misery and Distress and He is Good to Those Who Deserve Punishment.

OMNIPOTENCE (Attributes of Purpose) | God is Able to Do all His Holy Will;  (This also Known as God’s Sovereignty.)

PEACE (Moral Attributes) | God, in His Being and Actions, is Separate from all Confusion and Disorder.

PERFECTION (Summary Attributes) | God Fully Possesses all Excellent Qualities and Lacks no Qualities that Would be Desirable for Him.

RIGHTEOUSNESS (Moral Attributes) | God is the Final Standard of What is Right and He Always Acts in Accordance with What is Right; (This also known as God’s Justice)

SPIRITUALITY (Attributes Describing God’s Being) | God is a Being Who is not Made Up of a Matter and Who Cannot be Perceived by Our Bodily Senses.

TRUTHFULNESS (Mental Attributes) | God is the True God Whose Knowledge and Words are both True and the Final Standard of Truth.

WILL (Attributes of Purpose) | God Approves and Determines to Bring About Every Action Necessary for the Existence and Activity of All that Exist.

WISDOM (Mental Attributes) | God Always Chooses the Best Goals and the Best Means to Those Goals.

WRATH (Moral Attributes) | God Intensely Hates All Sin.

Knowing what attributes are used to create or describe the make-up of God causes us as Christians understand that He is SO much more than the just the coupling together of His Attributes.

Do keep in MIND, this is NOT an in depth study of Systematic Theology, but an influence for us to consider more than the basics. Works by Wayne Grudem and A. W. Pink were reviewed in building this Series

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