This little “micro” Series is actually a part of a MUCH larger set of designs, but it is important to me to keep them separated.  They have actually been building for several months, for which these five (5) passages of Scripture were discovered along the pathway of a “repair” job so to speak.  Each time that set incidents came to my mind, a new verse would just be sitting right in front of me to grab hold of – beginning with the very first one, it was known exactly what it was presented to address.

As they were discovered to apply, they were proof that an answer to a question was being provided. A simple e-mail was constructed upon completion of the collecting with the simple subject of: “To Answer A Question For You…”  Those verses and time spent in the Word of God, not only displayed mercy, but modeled it before my very heart.

Modeled Mercy

The interior of that e-mail continued with: “…Yes, that has already been done. Was it difficult, yes. Does it fix everything, no. Is all right by the Hand and Sight of the Lord, Yes.”  Notice with me something VERY important, if we are going to solve a difficulty with a Brother or Sister in the Lord, it requires BOTH parties to be willing to come together and present THEMSELVES before the Holy God of Heaven – to a Throne that we cannot imitate or negate.  The very first verse is a tall order, but is truly a beginning of the process:

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”
Hebrews 4:16 | King James Version

The model placed before us is for “us” < more than one person, to “come” < meaning that we have to move from where we are to where God is – on His Throne.  When we truly will move ourselves, our nature, to the place where we are able to “obtain mercy” and “find grace”, He will “help in time of need.”


Doing so can be difficult, demanding and tender depending on the situation.  Amazingly though, if we will genuinely come, I’ve found that we can do so BOLDLY – allowing the Holy Spirit to work within each person – where Grace is found every time.  My final reply in that e-mail was the following:

May we each determine to look, seek and find His Mercy. I have and find it to be the place to be most wonderfully.

The other four (4) verses referenced are the additional ones that make up this Series.


The five (5) passages of Scripture allowed for the creation of five thoughts and phrases for this Series which all build upon themselves to the end.

Mercy Statements

Come BoldlyIn Time of Need
Which EndureYe Have Heard & Seen
Lively HopeBy the Resurrection
Be With YouIn Truth & Love
Love of GodUnto Eternal Life

Is there something that has been done, things said, hurts inflicted or words spread that hinder us from having the kind of Joy that God the Creator intended for us to have? As we seek Mercy, may we find Grace in our time of need, granted from the only place it cannot be corrupted – from Heaven above and the one who paid for it with His life – Our Lord and Saviour.  May we seek to have and show the Love of God in us, even more so in the difficult times and utterly to those around us.


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