Quick!!! Anyone have a pen?  Something to write on… This is how most of the poems that Courtney writes become a written record – this one on a napkin as we were finishing up eating at Arby’s.  Not sure if the roast beef was doing the “talking” but she was attune to the word “whisper”, which allowed this poem to be penned.

Paying attention to what is going around us, with a listening ear for what the Holy Spirit will Whisper to us requires us to both hear and see.  Rarely can I recall that the call to duty was a screamer, most often in my experience it has been when a still moment of paying attention and all being cleared off of my “agenda”, when the Whisper comes.  No doubt what caught my attention with this poem is the factor life is made up of Whispers indeed, if only you and I would listen for them.  To realize those in need are right in front of our very eyes takes time spent with the Father in prayer, reading His Word and putting forth the desire and action to Serve our Risen Saviour.

May we each realize, just as this poem reminds us of the “Whispers in the Garden”, there are Whispers of people all around us who are in need of being heard and seen, so we can help Encourage them in the Garden of their lives.

The Poem

Whispers in the Garden

Can you hear it?

The rustling in the trees.

Can you hear it?

The bubbling in the creek.

Do you see it?

The flowers in full bloom.

Can you see it?

Nature speaking to me and you.

Every creature, big and small.

Speaking all at once.

The leaves are floating.

The Wind is blowing.

Oh, the Whispers in the Garden.

By Courtney Danielle Turner | September 15, 2012


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