by Courtney Danielle Turner | July 4, 2011

On the eve of the celebration of our nations birthday, with 5 pieces of paper and a napkin, came this poem in the very early hours of the day… In other words, way too early in the morning for making heads or tails of it, but none-the-less, an attempt was made to piece it together from these 6 items in which it was penned. From the mind of a fourteen (14) year old, with the beginnings of being reminded to remember her PaPa served in WWII.

The Poem

When You Think Of Freedom

When we look at war and see what has been done,
We tend to look at darkness and not the rising sun.

Raise that flag high for many men have died
To keep that flag a flying.

Bow your head and close your eyes,
Do not be afraid to cry.

Those men that signed the paper to make our country free,
Because they were tired of serving a worldly King.

They lost their homes, their families, almost everything they had…
But yet they still loved that grand ole flag.

They paid the price,
Some even lost their lives.

So when you think of freedom and every thing you have,
Make sure that you remember, that FREEDOM isn’t free!

by: Courtney D. Turner

The Story

As a few design ideas were being wrapped up, just a tad past 2:00 AM, there came the rustle of feet and an anticipation that immediately reminded me of, well, me. Courtney had a handful of little pieces of paper – an envelope, a sticky note, pieces of paper and a napkin – with “connect the sentence” instructions to decipher for the poem that came flooding out of her mind. After she explained it to me, an attempt was made to get it right, with a few edits, then was posted on FaceBook with the following note:

UPDATED: Poem that our daughter wrote and brought into me this morning – put it to an image. When You Think Of Freedom is a short, but VERY powerful thought – especially from the mind of a teenager. The Gladiola is also from our front yard – we’ve been so pleased with the reward for the care given. Will tell you this though, my family is FAR MORE important – for which makes it extra special when we can use our photography to compliment scripture, to encourage others and draw attention to folks that may otherwise not hear about the Gospel. Praying a safe 4th – don’t forget – FREEDOM isn’t free…

We have encouraged her to keep a pencil/pen with something to write with beside her bed so when the “brain-storms” come, she can get them down on a piece of paper so she will not forget. We are SO blessed with a daughter that has a tender heart towards godly things, along with those things we should hold dear – the country in which we live and the people who have served to defend the United States of America – the home of the Free and the Brave!


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