This poem contains three VERY power packed sentences, which are statements conveying thoughts of the heart into words for us to ponder.  Each of the sentences begin with the words “Take my…” indicating the willingness to hand over control.  Interestingly enough we each should note something VERY important – she indicates here that she wants to be used “wherever”, “places unknown” and “Thine” – each of those aspects require trusting the Master.

Can we, or more appropriately “Will We” say these words – not once, but daily?  There is a tall order coming from a teenager!

Humorously enough when this design was begun, it looked a little odd…  It didn’t seem to flow with the majority of the Poem as it was written.  Then the informing took place “Daddy, why is that poem SO long, it is only supposed to be three sentences?”


Use Me

Take my hands and move them,

wherever they can go.

Take my feet and move them,

to places that be unknown.

Take my heart and clean it,

and make it like Thine Own.

by Courtney Danielle Turner | September 23, 2012

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